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Mode Moderne Announce Tourdates

Mode Moderne are a brilliant band hailing from Canada, they put their brooding lyrics and vocals alongside upbeat music and as a result create some fantastic and unforgettable music. You can read a review of their album Strange Bruises. (more…)


Album Review: Mode Moderne- Strange Bruises

Strange Bruises by Mode Moderne

Strange Bruises by Mode Moderne is a release to be cherished. It’s sort of hard to say what makes it so good, really it’s an amalgamation of everything. Philip Intilé’s vocals, the synths, the lyrics. They all fuse together, tumbling and fluttering about like a fledgling bird attempting to take wing.

It jumps straight into the air and it hurtles downwards, a perilous spiral until miraculously it harnesses its wings and takes flight. It soars through the sky as the songs soar through your mind. It’s really a wonderful sound to hear. (more…)

Song of the Day: Strange Bruises by Mode Moderne

Hailing from Canada, there is something so absolutely magical about Mode Moderne. Critics have been falling in love with them and now I’ve succumbed to their moping charm.

Strange Bruises, the title track from their upcoming release on 3 September is sewn together with a wonderful mix of thougthful lyrics that sweep you off your feet, amazing vocals that (more…)