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Kassassin Street – Paul McCartney bumped into me

Kassassin Street

Garnering favourable press attention from the music publications, including former iconic magazine NME, Kassassin Street are a Portsmouth staple and cemented that position even further by appearing on the Seaside Stage at Victorious Festival. Their music is a blend of all their influences and comes out as something that is entirely their own.

Their debut single is The Royal Handkerchief Ballet and it’s available now for streaming and downloading. They also have a couple of dates lined up before the year is up. We met with Rowan Bastable at the Bandstand. (more…)

Sykes – starting rumours and singing songs

By Jennifer Moyes Photography

By Jennifer Moyes Photography

Sykes is a band who come from South London and spent the day in Portsmouth after their performances on the Castle and Nevada Acoustic stages. Last year they released an EP off of their own back, it’s called Out of Your Hands, and is soon to be followed by their next single Anybody Out There, which is set for release on 15 September. The three piece are an outfit entirely capable of producing addictive pop hooks imbued with haunting vocals.

We caught up with them on the Saturday by the Nevada Acoustic Stage and they took on the question cards amidst a lot of laughter and a generally triumphant mood. (more…)

Max Stone – what makes good music is good intentions

Max Stone

Max Stone is a passionate singer songwriter who performed on the Castle Stage at Victorious. He was backed up with his band members and together they create soulful music that’s delivered with determination and a sense of urgency. All that disappeared though when we found him (or he found us) off the stage, he was pretty relaxed and happy for a chat. (more…)

Victorious Festival Preview: Kassassin Street

Kassassin Street

Kassassin Street is a Southsea based band full of surprises. They’ve become a hit with the critics and proven to be quite popular in the local scene as well. (more…)

Victorious Festival

Yep, that’s right.

Victorious Festival is just under two months away! For anyone who may not know, it’s based in Portsmouth and features some big names of the moment. Last year it took place at the Historic Dockyard but this year it’s been moved to Southsea for the 23 and 24 August..

There are a huge variety of bands that will be flocking to the city (keep in mind that this is only a couple of weeks before Southsea Fest, it’s going to be a busy time for the Portsmouth music scene.).Thankfully the festival has kept a lot of the features that made it so special last year. As well as big names such as Tom Odell and Sophie Ellis-Bextor gracing the main stage, there’s the Real Ale Stage, which proved to be one of the most lively places last year.

Of course, this is also a great opportunity to display the awesome local bands that Portsmouth has to offer. Leading the charge on this is Hometown Show. Having recently played at the O2 in London, they are curating the Real Ale Stage on the Sunday. Their music is a wonderful delight of folk/country style music that’s extremely lively.

Then there is The Day of Rabblement, theirs is a unique blend that comes from brilliant vocals and a wonderful concoction of music. Their debut album came out recently and it’s a thoroughly enjoyable listen.

Both of these bands have been featured on Musical Nourishment before and it will be exciting to catch up with them again. These are just two bands from a great line up. So, to prepare for the two day festival we’ll be previewing as many of the musicians as possible (it really is a big list) before it gets underway.

If you want to know the full line up you find out on the official website and if you’ve bought tickets then we’ll see you there!

Getting to Know: Hometown Show

Hometown Show

Hometown Show’s artwork for Love, Liquor and Lonely Nights

“I’d say we’re a country, blue-grass inspired band, yeah,” explained Matthew Harrison, “it’s a mix of all different sorts of music, from folk, country, blue-grass and 1920s.” Judging by their performance only a few minutes later that was definitely a spot on description of Hometown Show‘s style.

During Victorious Festival in the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard I was lucky enough to get an interview with the local band. They come from the South Coast and deliver a lively blend of country and blue-grass and do a better job of performing Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift songs than Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift. (more…)