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Paradise (What About Us?) – New EP from Within Temptation

My love for this Dutch band has been so strong ever since I discovered them in school, and it has not wavered over the years. As with most bands, their sound has inevitably changed but still stayed with what makes Within Temptation a fantastic band. But this new EP, Paradise (What About Us?)┬ásees a return to their original sound, all the while keeping some of the things they’ve picked up since the pre-Silent Force era.

For anyone who has yet to be introduced to Within Temptation, they’re a melodic, gothic band that can be hard to pigeonhole. Some say they belong to the metal family tree, others believe they’re more gothic rock. Personally I like to refer to them as ‘fantasy’ metal, simply because of the worlds and stories created in their songs. (more…)


Song of the Day: Running up That Hill by Within Temptation

Oops, Sharon den Adel two days in a row, this was accidental I swear.

Also I realise that this is a very dangerous song to cover because the original is such a classic. It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea because it’s a different interpretation by a band who have shiny silvery roots placed firmly in the metal genre, I like to call them ‘fantasy metal’. (more…)

Song of the Day: In and Out of Love by Armin Van Buuren Featuring Sharon Den Adel

Now, I’m not usually a fan of dance music, for no other reason than it’s just not my thing. But one day this song popped into my news feed and I had to go give it a listen. I’d not heard of Armin Van Buuren before but I had heard of Sharon Den Adel, you see, she’s the vocalist for Within Temptation who are one of my all time favourite bands. (more…)