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Song of the Day: Much at All by Eddie Berman & the Iron Rails

Eddie Berman & the Iron Rails are fantastic. Berman supported Laura Marling for her Secret Cinema dates and after seeing him live I just had to get the album, This Past Storm, which was thankfully being sold at the merchandise stand. And on it I discovered Much at All.

A lot of the tracks on the album are charming, probably because of the stripped back quality of his music, but this one stands out especially. The simple and unassuming start is nice to the ears. When he starts singing it’s still simple but with the bonus of good lyrics.

Laura Marling at the Grand Eagle Hotel 15/6/13

The Grand Eagle Hotel is a temporary attraction in Hackney, London. It was created purely for a run of live shows concocted by Laura Marling and Secret Cinema and has been fabulously adorned.

That first step into the hotel, surrounded by swathes of guests dressed in 1920’s style clothing. Such an effort was made to fit into the era and it was all the more incredible for the short notice that was given. The tickets went on sale towards the end of May, and just over a week ago the details of the even were revealed, launching Secret Music.

Laura Marling and The Secret Cinema

So, it was announced yesterday that the brilliant Laura Marling will be teaming up with Secret Cinema to provide a mysterious musical experience, inspired by Marling’s upcoming album Once I was an Eagle, from 13 to 21 June.