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Album Review: These are the Good Old Days by The Finest Hour

This 12 track album comes to just under 60 minutes and I can honestly say that These are the Good Old Days is truly their finest hour, give or take a few minutes.

It’s full of everything that you can expect from a good band. Variety, strong performance, strong lyrics, entertainment and above all else utter enjoyment. (more…)


Menomena Soon to be Back with ‘Moms’

Menomena, the fine band who brought us Mines, will be bursting into the musical consciousness in the UK once again with their fifth album Moms, out on 8 October. (more…)

EP Review: Lizzie Nightingale Tiny Teardrops

Yet another Scottish singer/songwriter is making music with their own little stamp. Lizzie Nightingale, from Glasgow, cites many an eccentric artist as her influences yet Tiny Teardrops is purely Nightingale.

With the release of her EP Nightingale has garnered support from Radio 1, Radio 2 and Galaxy FM and if that wasn’t enough to convince you how talented she is, the EP is amazing. It’s actually one of those releases that leave you gagging for more. So it’s a good thing, then, that you can download it for free on Nightingale’s Bandcamp page. (more…)

Album Review: A Thousand Times Before by Goodbye, Labrador

Cover of A Thousand Times Before

Formed in 2008 Goodbye, Labrador are a testament to how important the internet has become since its inception. When they first grouped together they took the opportunity to record a few demos before having to part ways. However distance didn’t dampen their passion or drive, instead they set about producing their album through emails and Skype.

The dedication paid off and they recorded their self-titled debut release in 2010 and now they’re back with their second, A Thousand Times Before, hoping to make the same impact as before.

Goodbye, Labrador come from all over the globe but they share one dream, one passion and that is music. (more…)

Say Hello to…… Mike Tyler

Mike Tyler

Mike Tyler, America’s Most Dangerous Poet, author, musician. There’s not much he can’t do, unless you ask him to jump from a fence, there’s a chance he might balk at that. Now his music is heading here to the UK, prepare yourselves it’s going to be a quirky ride. On 20 August his second album, Erection,will be unleashed. (more…)