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Jerry Williams – I was quite shy at school and all of a sudden I had an urge like I just want to do this


Jerry Williams is a Portsmouth based singer and she is proving very popular amongst the locale. At last year’s Victorious we saw her perform a fair few times as she filled in for artists who pulled out, this year she was doing the same thing, but when it came to her own slot on the Nevada Acoustic Stage she drew a fantastic crowd.

Afterwards there was an impressive queue of people wanting to buy CDs and merchandise, as well as get autographs. Her EP, Hairdressers Called Sids, is out now and available for download. (more…)


Corinna Jane – I always think that there is some kind of greater cause somewhere


Corinna Jane is an artists that has gained some traction within the industry. Passionate about music, Corinna has been singing since she was five and has since teamed up with guitarist Luke Wood to bring her alternative pop music to different levels.

She will be releasing her debut album this autumn and her single Echoes of My Mind has been made the official song of new game, Standpoint. Also due to be released this autumn. (more…)

Imperial Mammoth – I bring all the things I like the most in case I do die

Imperial Mammoth

Imperial Mammoth are an American band who have just made their debut appearance in the UK. Their performance on the Nevada Acoustic Stage at Victorious was one of their first over here. They decided to go for a stripped back show as they were put on the acoustic stage. The group consists of Leonard Jackson and Laura Jane Scott, and they are two of the loveliest people we’ve met.

They were genuinely happy for a chat and seemed up for all the questions. They’re still playing around the UK so fingers crossed they’ll receive the same reception that they had at Victorious while they’re here. (more…)

Andy Muscat – we were the UK unsigned number one for the second time


Since the age of 13 Andy Muscat has been writing and performing music, and by the time he was 16 he had already graced the stage of Portsmouth Guildhall. Since then he has been building up his reputation by hitting the smaller venues and radio stations around the South Coast. Since getting a number 1 song in the unsigned chart Andy has recruited a band to expand the sound of his music.

They currently have two EPs to their name, both available for you to download and listen to any time you want. Not long after coming together as a band they had another song head on up the unsigned chart to the coveted number 1 spot. (more…)

Kelvin Jones – I love Subway


He is probably one of the loveliest guys you’ll meet. Not only was he fantastically happy to hold the interview straight after his set on the Nevada Acoustic Stage, but he also took the time out to pose for photos with people as soon as he came off. Kelvin Jones is an extremely talented musician and only started playing the guitar in the past few years. He combines pop music with blues and his biggest song is Call You Home, which became popular on Reddit and was featured on Good Morning America. (more…)

Sound of the Sirens – We want to be back here next year


So far 2014 has been a great year for Sound of the Sirens. On the Saturday they not only appeared on the Nevada Acoustic Stage at Victorious Festival, but they had to rush away to get to the Purbeck Folk Festival on the same day. This year they’ve also won South West Music Best Acoustic Act, a testament to the music they create and the performance they put on. while we were at Victorious Festival we only managed to catch a couple of sets, theirs not being one of them unfortunately. But, we did hear them from a distance and what we did hear was amazing. (more…)

Sykes – starting rumours and singing songs

By Jennifer Moyes Photography

By Jennifer Moyes Photography

Sykes is a band who come from South London and spent the day in Portsmouth after their performances on the Castle and Nevada Acoustic stages. Last year they released an EP off of their own back, it’s called Out of Your Hands, and is soon to be followed by their next single Anybody Out There, which is set for release on 15 September. The three piece are an outfit entirely capable of producing addictive pop hooks imbued with haunting vocals.

We caught up with them on the Saturday by the Nevada Acoustic Stage and they took on the question cards amidst a lot of laughter and a generally triumphant mood. (more…)