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Song of the Day: Favourite Flavour by Candy Says

First of all, I love the beginning of this video with the trumpet and old style introduction, but I digress before I’ve even begun. This song is soothing and enchanting and makes for tranquil listening.


Song of the Day: Am I Crazy by Little Fish

I’m treating myself today, to a song I absolutely love by a band I absolutely love, just because it’s my birthday.

Anyway, you don’t care about that, let’s move onto the song. (more…)

Little Fish: The Netherworld

Baffled and Beat

Baffled and Beat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The album that was never released.

Despite being one of the best upcoming bands around, Little fish have suffered more ups than downs in an industry that takes a lot of prisoners. After waiting ages for the release of their debut album Baffled and Beat drummer Nez was forced to leave the band because he was unable to financially support his family.

Yet between the release of their debut ad now they certainly have been busy. Not only are they working with someone to produce a book through Unbound but they managed to scrape together a fantastic follow up album called The Netherworld. (more…)