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Song of the Day: The Robot by Alessi’s Ark

This is a bit of an upbeat song that’ll have you bopping along without fail. (more…)


Song of the Day: Laura Stevenson and the Cans- Master of Art

Laura Stevenson and the Cans are a five-piece band from Brooklyn, New York, with an ear for beautifully memorable songs. With a calming and laid back approach to the majority of their songs Sit Resist, their album, is chock-full of brilliantly formed tracks and Master of Art is the best of them.

A song that’s bound to have ended up countless playlists and warrants an avalanche of repeats this is one of the most charming songs I’ve listened to.  The vocals are soft and sweet but when it’s needed they come with a hard edge. Within in a couple of  listens you’ll find yourself singing along to it and maybe, if you had any sense, looking for it on iTunes and perhaps checking out the album.