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Say Hello to………Exlovers

Album cover of Moth

You may have read my review of their album Moth a while back, well here’s the band behind the music. Coming across as mildly eccentric and slightly introspective, these guys are always interesting to chat with.

They’re passionate about music which is all we ask for from a band, and it’s a bonus that their music is so enjoyable. Following the release of their album and a visit to Japan Musical Nourishment catches up with Exlovers vocalist Pete Scott: (more…)

Album Review: Moth by Exlovers

Album cover of Moth

Exlovers have been working towards this goal for a long while now and at long last they have finally released their debut album Moth. It came out a couple of weeks ago and the band have celebrated, not only with a launch gig, but also with a few shows in Japan.

Anyway, back to the actual album, fans of Exlovers will not be disappointed. It incorporates all their trademark sounds, from the melodic fusion of Peter Scott and Laurel Sills, to the understated but no less brilliant work of Danny Blackman, Chris Woodhead and Brook Rogers. (more…)