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Song of the Day: Nerves of Steel by Flaming June

Today is Folkstock¬†day! It’s an exciting acoustic festival taking place up in Hertfordshire, and I can’t be there. So for today I present to you a song from one of the musicians that will be playing, Nerves of Steel by Flaming June. To me, Flaming June is really exciting, I find this music is folk rock at its best and Nerves of Steel is a fantastic example of what is on offer.

It begins really subtly, just the guitar strumming away, then a few more instruments come into it, building up the tension and drama,adding to the overall atmosphere of the track. (more…)


Folkstock 140 Character Interview

If you’re wondering exactly what this is, it’s a brand new feature in which Musical Nourishment utilises the medium of Twitter to conduct an interview in 140 characters or less.

All questions will be asked in one 140 character tweet and the interviewee¬†is allowed to answer each question with separate tweets to allow for, well you know, answers. This is also done in the hope that spelling and grammar will not be forsaken. (more…)