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Josh Flowers and the Wild – Let the Dirt Live would be cooler we might call our album that


The London-based quartet Josh Flowers and the Wild is a folk rock outfit that took to the Real Ale Stage at Victorious. They have a lot of influences that they channel through their music and their debut EP, Young Bones, is available for download now and it consists of five songs that sum up the band and their sound.

We caught up with frontman Josh Flowers and cellist Squiff Wordsworth outside the Real Ale tent and they’re more than happy to discuss Mastermind as well as the most famous people they’ve met in the past. (more…)

Song of the Day: Soldieress Lament by Molotov Jukebox

There is much love here on Musical Nourishment for this band. They throw everything into their music except the kitchen sink. Soldieress Lament is no different. (more…)

Obsession of the Moment: Molotov Jukebox

Natalia Tena VIII

Natalia Tena VIII (Photo credit: tamara.craiu)

They’re like nothing I’ve heard before, they’re a lively, jazzy number complete with trumpet and accordion. It’s when you try to put a word to their style that you realise that gypstep, which they have dubbed themselves, is more than perfect.

Their music is fun, which you can’t really say about a lot of music lately. With a couple of EPs to their name, Bang and Double Dare, Molotov Jukebox are certainly starting to make an impression. With the sultry vocals of Natalia Tena backed up with the exuberant mix of trumpet, accordion and violin it makes it very difficult not to fall in love with them. (more…)