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The Paper Trains – We’ve been to Nashville and we’ve taken a lot of inspiration


We were also lucky enough to catch up with The Paper Trains outside the Real Ale Stage on the Sunday. As with other bands it was a mad rush for them, not only were they appearing at Victorious, but they also had another show to attend to later the same day. The American Blues band is made up of three members; Nat Olden on vocals and guitar, Si Fisk on banjo and keyboard and JB on vocals, string and bass. They formed in 2011 and since then the Southampton based band has been developing their music, the culmination of which is due to be released this September.

We caught them just as they arrived at the festival and they were than happy to take on the questions and have a chat with us. They discussed who would headline if they were in charge of a festival, charity and an upcoming tour with a Musical Nourishment favourite. (more…)

Katy Haymer – I tend to like festivals more than anything else


Katy Haymer is a singer songwriter who comes from a musical family, but has taken a little detour from the operatic path her family had taken and traversed down the acoustic folk road. Her debut album, Echoes of the Heart, is due for release at the beginning of September. She took to the Casemates Showcase stage as well as the Strong Island Tent. It was just her and her guitar and she performed very well indeed.

Both of the stages were intimate ones, where she was able to see the faces of each individual in the audience. She handled that very well and when she came off the stage from her first performance she spared some time to answer our questions, whatever they may have been. (more…)

Victorious Festival Preview: The Courtiers


Only coming together last year to create another channel of local folk music, The Courtiers will be another local band jumping onto one of the stages for the hometown festival.

The keep to the traditional folk music sound, able to convert any song to their folky ways. Their music makes for an enjoyable listen and it certainly seems they’re in high demand. As well as being lined for an appearance on the Real Ale Festival Stage on 23 August, they’re also in the midst of the Wickham Festival. They performed there yesterday, 14 August and are due back today to get more people enjoying their music.

They have a brilliant collection of instruments including foot percussion, a fiddle, a bouzouki and something called a guitar. Together it creates a wonderful traditional folk sound that is missing in music nowadays.

They’re a talented group who have gone with a less obvious style of music. Instead of joining the legions of rock bands or joining the nu-folk movement they’ve kept it simple. It’s nice to listen to music that is so obviously influenced by what has come before it.

Victorious Festival Preview: Heronshaw


Heronshaw are a folk rock band that have recently celebrated the milestone of five years together. They’re lucky enough to have two slots at the festival in August, they’ll be appearing on Sunday 24 on the Real Ale stage as well as the Castle Stage on the same day. (more…)

Victorious Festival: The Cadbury Sisters

Cadbury Sisters

The Cadbury Sisters will be gracing the Castle Stage at Victorious Festival on Sunday 23 August. (more…)

Song of the Day: Wolf by First Aid Kit

This recommendation came from someone at work, and I glad I decided to give them a shot. Wolf by First Aid Kit is so good.

If you like your folk music then these are a band you need to listen to. The track is lively and engrossing and just a wonder to listen to. (more…)

Song of the Day: Much at All by Eddie Berman & the Iron Rails

Eddie Berman & the Iron Rails are fantastic. Berman supported Laura Marling for her Secret Cinema dates and after seeing him live I just had to get the album, This Past Storm, which was thankfully being sold at the merchandise stand. And on it I discovered Much at All.

A lot of the tracks on the album are charming, probably because of the stripped back quality of his music, but this one stands out especially. The simple and unassuming start is nice to the ears. When he starts singing it’s still simple but with the bonus of good lyrics.