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Song of the Day: Pretty Me by Laura Jansen

I discovered this artist thanks to Self-Help for Creatively Deprived and I’ve listened to a few of Laura Jansen’s songs and it was a tough choice as to which I should choose for Song of the Day, so I went with the first song of hers I heard. (more…)

Song of the Day: A Thousand Years Cover by The Piano Guys

Well, from a previous Song of the Day you all know I love Christina Perri. She has such a wonderful voice and is an amazing songwriter. But this cover of her track A Thousand Years by The Piano Guys is absolutely beautiful. (more…)

Song of the Day: The Lonely by Christina Perri

I know Christina Perri is relatively well known but I was listening to her album Lovestrong last night and it’s just enthralling. The Lonely might not be as popular and adored as Jar of Hearts but that doesn;t stop it being one of the best tracks she has produced. (more…)