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Van Susans – I was going to write a song with him and I never really got a chance to do that

Van Susans

This five-piece London based band produce pop/rock music that is very accessible for any listener. Van Susans appeared at Victorious on the Seaside Stage, and while their experience might not have been totally smooth, they still put on a fantastic show. After they came off people came up to them to compliment on their show and music, a testament to their talent.

Paused in the Moment is their debut album and it has received plays from BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio 6 Music. We caught them at the bandstand and despite a couple of sound problems they are in a good mood, glad to have done the set and getting ready for an appearance elsewhere the next day. (more…)


The Dark Side of the Tune Art Exhibition


This blog is all about music, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be just about songs and instruments and bands and gigs, it’s about what it inspires too.

The Dark Side of the Tune is an art exhibition based on troubled music icons. The likes of Rhianna and Notorious B.I.G have inspired young artist, Edie Lawrence, who has captured their lives in splashes of muted colour. She will be hosting her exhibition this Sunday, 22 December, at the Winchester Railway Inn. (more…)