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Sykes – starting rumours and singing songs

By Jennifer Moyes Photography

By Jennifer Moyes Photography

Sykes¬†is a band who come from South London and spent the day in Portsmouth after their performances on the Castle and Nevada Acoustic stages. Last year they released an EP off of their own back, it’s called Out of Your Hands, and is soon to be followed by their next single Anybody Out There, which is set for release on 15 September. The three piece are an outfit entirely capable of producing addictive pop hooks imbued with haunting vocals.

We caught up with them on the Saturday by the Nevada Acoustic Stage and they took on the question cards amidst a lot of laughter and a generally triumphant mood. (more…)


Mercury Prize Nominee Ben Howard With Every Kingdom

I’ve never listened to Ben Howard before, at least not intentionally. His music may have been on in the background at some point but never have I paid him much attention.

But now that I’ve listened to this album he has garnered some respect from me, perhaps the most noticeable thing about him is that gruffly edged voice, it’s a quality that can draw a person in. (more…)

Mercury Prize 2012 Nominations

So a few hours ago the Barclaycard Mercury Prize 2012 nominations were announced. It’s an annual event and perhaps one of the most coveted awards in the industry.

Last year PJ Harvey won it for the second time with her album Let England Shake and she was up against some tough competition with Adele, Tinie Tempah and Elbow. (more…)