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Slow Club – We broke down in the Arizona desert once

slow club

Slow Club is one of our favourite bands at the moment, their music is fantastic and they’re on an upward trajectory that refuses to relent. They headlined the Nevada Acoustic stage at Victorious Festival and their set was brilliant. Charles and Rebecca took to the stage and delivered their perfect music with perfect harmonies, Rebecca doing so while sporting a moustache, which kept threatening to fall off.

They played plenty of songs from their recent album, Complete Surrender, including the hidden track, which can be found at the end of Wanderer Wandering. It’s such a lovely track and it was a nice surprise to actually have it played live. The set was brilliant, but over far too soon. They proved a popular group, which is no surprise. (more…)

Victorious Festival Preview: Kill Kasper

Kill Kasper

When it comes to rock it can be very hard to make an impact, Kill Kasper are one of the few bands actually producing something worth listening to. During their time together they have garnered a lot of support, even winning the Portsmouth News Guide award for Best Band. (more…)

Victorious Festival Preview: The B of the Bang


The B of the Bang are an absolutely wonderful band that make some extraordinary music. They appeared twice at Victorious Festival last year when it was at the Dockyard, and they’ll once again be taking part. This time the band will be on the Real Ale Stage on the Sunday, performing their hugely addictive songs. (more…)

Victorious Festival Preview: The Butterfly Culture

The Butterfly Culture

The Butterfly Culture are another Portsmouth based band that have achieved moderate success so far in their career. Last year they won MMG UK battle if the bands, which was a good pushing off point for them. (more…)