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B of the Bang – Southsea Fest will be our last ever show


B of the Bang are a fantastic Portsmouth band, they create beautiful melodies and addictive music, which in turn creates records that have longevity.

We first discovered them at Southsea Fest a few years ago, they were playing in one of the many venues that takes part in the day long festival. That day was spent trying to catch as many bands as possible so we didn’t get to see too much unfortunately.


Song of the Day: Desire Lines by The B of the Bang

I saw The B of The Bang at  Victorious Festival in Portsmouth (expect reviews and a couple of interviews soon) and they were really captivating. So coming home meant looking them up and listening to their albums. Desire Lines, from the album Beginning. Middle. End. was one of many that stood out. I could seriously have at least two more songs from The B of the Band as Song of the Day, but for the sake of not being repetitive, these will have to wait a while. (more…)