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The Paper Trains – We’ve been to Nashville and we’ve taken a lot of inspiration


We were also lucky enough to catch up with The Paper Trains outside the Real Ale Stage on the Sunday. As with other bands it was a mad rush for them, not only were they appearing at Victorious, but they also had another show to attend to later the same day. The American Blues band is made up of three members; Nat Olden on vocals and guitar, Si Fisk on banjo and keyboard and JB on vocals, string and bass. They formed in 2011 and since then the Southampton based band has been developing their music, the culmination of which is due to be released this September.

We caught them just as they arrived at the festival and they were than happy to take on the questions and have a chat with us. They discussed who would headline if they were in charge of a festival, charity and an upcoming tour with a Musical Nourishment favourite. (more…)

Getting to Know: Hometown Show

Hometown Show

Hometown Show’s artwork for Love, Liquor and Lonely Nights

“I’d say we’re a country, blue-grass inspired band, yeah,” explained Matthew Harrison, “it’s a mix of all different sorts of music, from folk, country, blue-grass and 1920s.” Judging by their performance only a few minutes later that was definitely a spot on description of Hometown Show‘s style.

During Victorious Festival in the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard I was lucky enough to get an interview with the local band. They come from the South Coast and deliver a lively blend of country and blue-grass and do a better job of performing Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift songs than Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift. (more…)

Laura Marling Once I was an Eagle Review

It has taken me a few days to actually sit down and write a review of Once I was an Eagle. I bought it the day it came out and listened to it in the car on the way home. I’m not going to lie, at first I was disappointed but now I think it is a beautiful album of the same standard as A Creature I Don’t Know.

I remembered that Laura Marling’s music was made to be more personal, that playing it in a car was not the right atmosphere for it, so then I decided it must be a headphone album.

By this I mean that there are some things you can only truly appreciate via headphones. Songs can be layered and their true beauty can’t always be heard in a car or on a CD player, headphones are the only medium through which this can be heard.  If there is anything we know about Laura Marling it is that her music is layered and understated and you never hear everything the first time round. (more…)

Mercury Prize Nominee Jessie Ware With Devotion

Jessie Ware is a name that has been banded about quite a bit recently, yet the comment about her that stuck with me is that she’s impossible to stick in a genre, impossible to classify. This I find good, why should everyone be pigeonholed? Why should each artist be judged as rock or pop or folk? I think someone who flits between all genres is to be cherished, they’re truly talented. They don’t stick with what they know but go out and explore.

Which is why I chose her album to review first, she intrigued me. (more…)

Song of the Day: Is This Love by Aiden Grimshaw

You have no idea how surprised I am that I am making an Aiden Grimshaw song my Song of the Day. I sent off a review of his debut album Misty Eye to Call Upon the Author and came away from it pleasantly surprised. I did not expect to enjoy his music but it’s actually rather catchy. (more…)

Say Hello to………Exlovers

Album cover of Moth

You may have read my review of their album Moth a while back, well here’s the band behind the music. Coming across as mildly eccentric and slightly introspective, these guys are always interesting to chat with.

They’re passionate about music which is all we ask for from a band, and it’s a bonus that their music is so enjoyable. Following the release of their album and a visit to Japan Musical Nourishment catches up with Exlovers vocalist Pete Scott: (more…)

Little Fish: The Netherworld

Baffled and Beat

Baffled and Beat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The album that was never released.

Despite being one of the best upcoming bands around, Little fish have suffered more ups than downs in an industry that takes a lot of prisoners. After waiting ages for the release of their debut album Baffled and Beat drummer Nez was forced to leave the band because he was unable to financially support his family.

Yet between the release of their debut ad now they certainly have been busy. Not only are they working with someone to produce a book through Unbound but they managed to scrape together a fantastic follow up album called The Netherworld. (more…)