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Katy Haymer – I tend to like festivals more than anything else


Katy Haymer is a singer songwriter who comes from a musical family, but has taken a little detour from the operatic path her family had taken and traversed down the acoustic folk road. Her debut album, Echoes of the Heart, is due for release at the beginning of September. She took to the Casemates Showcase stage as well as the Strong Island Tent. It was just her and her guitar and she performed very well indeed.

Both of the stages were intimate ones, where she was able to see the faces of each individual in the audience. She handled that very well and when she came off the stage from her first performance she spared some time to answer our questions, whatever they may have been. (more…)

Winters Hill – Travis Barker is the best drummer alive

winters hill

Winters Hill is a three-piece acoustic outfit that performed on the Real Ale Stage. It’s a long way on from their first live performance on Voice FM, where they first started carving a name for themselves as an alternative folk band. The Fareham based trio have created a combination of their various influences and produced a unique sound that has sent their popularity soaring.

They had enough time to spare during their busy day to step aside and try out our question cards. So, we spoke to guitarist and vocalist Max Hoar and Nimrod Taabu who plays the cajon drum. (more…)

Lewis Bennett – You never know when something’s going to fly your way

Lewis Bennett

Our next interview is with Lewis Bennett, he appeared on the small and intimate Casemates Showcase Stage armed with just his guitar. The Chichester based singer songwriter had been honing his talent for years and enjoys nothing more than performing to a live audience. At the moment he performs in an acoustic setting but hopes to expand in the future and start experimenting a bit more. If you caught him at the festival he’ll be appearing at the Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth.

Anyway, let’s see what questions he was put on the spot with. (more…)

Victorious Festival Preview: Eloise Keating


Eloise Keating approaches music with a fresh perspective and her talent with the merging of acoustic and electronic makes her exciting to listen to.  She’s a Hampshire based musician and has received a lot of favourable comments for her music. (more…)