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Slow Club – We broke down in the Arizona desert once

slow club

Slow Club is one of our favourite bands at the moment, their music is fantastic and they’re on an upward trajectory that refuses to relent. They headlined the Nevada Acoustic stage at Victorious Festival and their set was brilliant. Charles and Rebecca took to the stage and delivered their perfect music with perfect harmonies, Rebecca doing so while sporting a moustache, which kept threatening to fall off.

They played plenty of songs from their recent album, Complete Surrender, including the hidden track, which can be found at the end of Wanderer Wandering. It’s such a lovely track and it was a nice surprise to actually have it played live. The set was brilliant, but over far too soon. They proved a popular group, which is no surprise. (more…)

The Monkey Butlars – Dean gets mistaken for my dad sometimes


The Monkey Butlars are a Portsmouth based band that covers songs for their local gigs. They’re always up for an event and Victorious was one of their biggest so far. They hit the Casemates Showcase stage and we caught up with them just before their set. (more…)

Josh Savage – I’m doing a living room tour around the UK


Josh Savage is a singer songwriter from Winchester who has created a lot of traction for himself. He has been noted as one of the top ten artists to watch by the Huffington Post. He delivers folk rock songs and has two EPs, Mountains in Hurricanes and Spaces, that backs up the hype he is receiving. He started off with classical music but by the time he was 17 he had his first gig at The Talking Heads in Southampton.


Hometown Show – contrary to rumours Seasick Steve is not joining the band

hometown show

We caught up with Hometown Show at Victorious last year, and they were more than happy to create a tradition and come talk to us before heading onto the stage for their set. They have been busy in the year that has gone by, releasing their debut album Love, Liquor and Lonely Nights, playing at the O2 in London and taking on the task of curating and headlining the Real Ale Stage at Victorious.

The band is always fun to talk to and this was no exception. All four were present for the interview, so we were talking to Matthew Harrison, Josh Hibberd, Trevor Thwaites and Caz Batten. They spared us a few minutes outside the Real Ale Stage. (more…)

Corinna Jane – I always think that there is some kind of greater cause somewhere


Corinna Jane is an artists that has gained some traction within the industry. Passionate about music, Corinna has been singing since she was five and has since teamed up with guitarist Luke Wood to bring her alternative pop music to different levels.

She will be releasing her debut album this autumn and her single Echoes of My Mind has been made the official song of new game, Standpoint. Also due to be released this autumn. (more…)

Felt Tip – a reggae hippy place is a place you would never find me


Felt Tip is a London based band that hit the Seaside Stage with their post punk tune, playing to the people of Portsmouth on the sold out Saturday of Victorious Festival. They’re a four piece group that consist of James Tyler the vocalist, guitarist Anton Trampon, drummer Tom Rapanakis and bassist and backing vocalist Jade Spranklen.

We found them on a high after their performance by the bandstand once it was their turn to take on the cards. (more…)

Email is Down

In typical fashion, technology has decided to fail with only a few days left before Victorious Festival. For some reason my inbox is refusing to accept any more emails and I can’t see how to fix it. I’ve emptied my inbox and there’s still nothing coming through.

I have reported it and stuck a divert on so it will go to my old email address. But if any bands that I’ve contacted about Victorious sent me an email yesterday there’s a good chance I haven’t got them because of this technical fault. Don’t forget you can get hold of me on here, the Musical Nourishment Facebook page and the Twitter account.

Alternatively here’s my rather embarrassing email address that my thirteen-year-old self thought was an excellent idea: