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Song of the Day: Spanner in the Works by Just Millie

Yes, this is from the artist I previewed yesterday for Victorious Festival. But you know, it is a good song. As you know from the previous post the track is due for release towards the end of next month and Spanner in the Works is very promising. (more…)

Song of the Day: Camilla by Candy Says


That’s right.

They’re on my blog again. (more…)

Paradise (What About Us?) – New EP from Within Temptation

My love for this Dutch band has been so strong ever since I discovered them in school, and it has not wavered over the years. As with most bands, their sound has inevitably changed but still stayed with what makes Within Temptation a fantastic band. But this new EP, Paradise (What About Us?) sees a return to their original sound, all the while keeping some of the things they’ve picked up since the pre-Silent Force era.

For anyone who has yet to be introduced to Within Temptation, they’re a melodic, gothic band that can be hard to pigeonhole. Some say they belong to the metal family tree, others believe they’re more gothic rock. Personally I like to refer to them as ‘fantasy’ metal, simply because of the worlds and stories created in their songs. (more…)

Song of the Day: Desire Lines by The B of the Bang

I saw The B of The Bang at  Victorious Festival in Portsmouth (expect reviews and a couple of interviews soon) and they were really captivating. So coming home meant looking them up and listening to their albums. Desire Lines, from the album Beginning. Middle. End. was one of many that stood out. I could seriously have at least two more songs from The B of the Band as Song of the Day, but for the sake of not being repetitive, these will have to wait a while. (more…)

Siouxsie at the Royal Festival Hall 17/6/13

Siouxsie at the Southbank - taken by Stephen Carter

Siouxsie at the Southbank – taken by Stephen Carter

Yes, that’s right! This weekend the queen of goth returned for two nights in London and she was truly spectacular.

She’s been away on a five-year break, much speculation about her never returning, yet she came back for Yoko Ono’s Meltdown festival at the Royal Festival Hall in the South Bank Centre. She was originally billed for one night but due to popular demand another one was added.

Laura Marling at the Grand Eagle Hotel 15/6/13

The Grand Eagle Hotel is a temporary attraction in Hackney, London. It was created purely for a run of live shows concocted by Laura Marling and Secret Cinema and has been fabulously adorned.

That first step into the hotel, surrounded by swathes of guests dressed in 1920’s style clothing. Such an effort was made to fit into the era and it was all the more incredible for the short notice that was given. The tickets went on sale towards the end of May, and just over a week ago the details of the even were revealed, launching Secret Music.

Opinion Piece: One Way to Ruin a Song

If you’re in th UK you’ve no doubt heard the three-piece group Stooshe warbling on the radio. Personally I hadn’t heard of this generic R&B act until they appeared on This Morning and performed their song Black Heart. It’s really not a great song, the vocals are sickly, the lyrics are cliché but it’s meaning is different from the average track about on the radio.

It basically states that you can’t help who you fall in love with and in this song the character has fallen in love with a guy who’s monster, hence the name. None of this wishy-washy ‘oh I’m so in love with you and we’re going to live happily ever after’ crap. (more…)