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Pepper Presents Featuring The Lost Boys and Missing Andy

Pepper Presents

Last night The Winchester, an unassuming pub in Bournemouth, hosted the launch of Pepper Presents, a live music showcase organised by music App developers Pepper. It was a showcase of ‘local’ talent as well as equipment that is beginning to have a massive impact on the industry. And that is what Pepper is about. They’re not just an app and they have a vision for Pepper Presents, hoping one day to have their own mini tours and taking with them artists who are great live. (more…)

Pepper App – Discover New Music and Share with your Friends

I have been waiting for ages for this app.

Pepper App was released a good few weeks ago and has brought with it so much potential, and frankly I’m surprised it hasn’t been covered before. It’s basically a social networking app all about music. You can find out more on their website. (more…)

Candy Says Music App

For a band that is pretty much DIY, these guys know how to do everything. Not only can they make wonderful rock and chic-pop music but they’re techy too! It wouldn’t surprise me if they start playing gigs standing on their heads. (more…)