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Paradise (What About Us?) – New EP from Within Temptation

My love for this Dutch band has been so strong ever since I discovered them in school, and it has not wavered over the years. As with most bands, their sound has inevitably changed but still stayed with what makes Within Temptation a fantastic band. But this new EP, Paradise (What About Us?) sees a return to their original sound, all the while keeping some of the things they’ve picked up since the pre-Silent Force era.

For anyone who has yet to be introduced to Within Temptation, they’re a melodic, gothic band that can be hard to pigeonhole. Some say they belong to the metal family tree, others believe they’re more gothic rock. Personally I like to refer to them as ‘fantasy’ metal, simply because of the worlds and stories created in their songs. (more…)

Laura Marling Once I was an Eagle Review

It has taken me a few days to actually sit down and write a review of Once I was an Eagle. I bought it the day it came out and listened to it in the car on the way home. I’m not going to lie, at first I was disappointed but now I think it is a beautiful album of the same standard as A Creature I Don’t Know.

I remembered that Laura Marling’s music was made to be more personal, that playing it in a car was not the right atmosphere for it, so then I decided it must be a headphone album.

By this I mean that there are some things you can only truly appreciate via headphones. Songs can be layered and their true beauty can’t always be heard in a car or on a CD player, headphones are the only medium through which this can be heard.  If there is anything we know about Laura Marling it is that her music is layered and understated and you never hear everything the first time round. (more…)

Mercury Prize Nominee Ben Howard With Every Kingdom

I’ve never listened to Ben Howard before, at least not intentionally. His music may have been on in the background at some point but never have I paid him much attention.

But now that I’ve listened to this album he has garnered some respect from me, perhaps the most noticeable thing about him is that gruffly edged voice, it’s a quality that can draw a person in. (more…)

Mercury Prize Nominee Jessie Ware With Devotion

Jessie Ware is a name that has been banded about quite a bit recently, yet the comment about her that stuck with me is that she’s impossible to stick in a genre, impossible to classify. This I find good, why should everyone be pigeonholed? Why should each artist be judged as rock or pop or folk? I think someone who flits between all genres is to be cherished, they’re truly talented. They don’t stick with what they know but go out and explore.

Which is why I chose her album to review first, she intrigued me. (more…)

EP Review: Lizzie Nightingale Tiny Teardrops

Yet another Scottish singer/songwriter is making music with their own little stamp. Lizzie Nightingale, from Glasgow, cites many an eccentric artist as her influences yet Tiny Teardrops is purely Nightingale.

With the release of her EP Nightingale has garnered support from Radio 1, Radio 2 and Galaxy FM and if that wasn’t enough to convince you how talented she is, the EP is amazing. It’s actually one of those releases that leave you gagging for more. So it’s a good thing, then, that you can download it for free on Nightingale’s Bandcamp page. (more…)

Album Review: Mode Moderne- Strange Bruises

Strange Bruises by Mode Moderne

Strange Bruises by Mode Moderne is a release to be cherished. It’s sort of hard to say what makes it so good, really it’s an amalgamation of everything. Philip Intilé’s vocals, the synths, the lyrics. They all fuse together, tumbling and fluttering about like a fledgling bird attempting to take wing.

It jumps straight into the air and it hurtles downwards, a perilous spiral until miraculously it harnesses its wings and takes flight. It soars through the sky as the songs soar through your mind. It’s really a wonderful sound to hear. (more…)

Album Review: A Thousand Times Before by Goodbye, Labrador

Cover of A Thousand Times Before

Formed in 2008 Goodbye, Labrador are a testament to how important the internet has become since its inception. When they first grouped together they took the opportunity to record a few demos before having to part ways. However distance didn’t dampen their passion or drive, instead they set about producing their album through emails and Skype.

The dedication paid off and they recorded their self-titled debut release in 2010 and now they’re back with their second, A Thousand Times Before, hoping to make the same impact as before.

Goodbye, Labrador come from all over the globe but they share one dream, one passion and that is music. (more…)