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F U Matthew by Chanel Samson


Oh my god, what is this!?

There’s so much going on that’s impossible to process straight away. It’s like Glinda from Wicked went to Avenue Q and decided to start up the glittering yellow brick road of the music industry. And it’s AWESOME.

Not only does Chanel Samson bring the sound of the West end to it, but she’s dragged a whole load of other musical styles from their resting places and coupled them in unlikely pairings. F U Matthew is a quirky, glitzy pop song smothered in sweetness and layered with fun lyrics all brought together by the absolute crazy character of the track.

The start is a bit questionable, as an introduction to Samson it comes across as far too perky and doesn’t give away how fun the song is going to be. It’s not long before you first impressions are blown away, far beyond reach. She dives straight into the chorus and before you know what’s hit you, you’re embroiled in this hyper song that bombards you with new layers before you’re even fully through the first.

Soon enough you forget about the first part of the track, which in hindsight is a calming introduction before the chaos overwhelms you entirely. It becomes a matter of waiting to see what’s going to hit you next. There’s high notes, low notes, backing from what sounds like the cast of a theatrical show, the dramatic build up to random lines. As if that wasn’t enough she throws in a few lines of slowness, encroaching upon completely different territory, throws in a couple of utterly frenzied and angry lines, repeats once before heading into the final chorus.

There’s so much to love about F U Matthew, in particular that it’s a fun song to listen to, that it’s easy to forget it’s about a guy who doesn’t call.

It’s so over the top it’s fantastic.

A jaunty tune that’s just going to make your song collection all the more vibrant.

Just a last note, make sure you listen to her other tracks, they’re all so brilliant. She has a great portfolio of songs.



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