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The Pierces


I came across The Pierces towards the end of last year, after a horrid time searching through Spotify for something new to listen to this group came as breath of fresh air. They have a whole bunch of songs that are just completely awesome and they span over a few albums, so it’s nice to see that they have that continuity.

The sister duo isn’t afraid to make a few changes here and there, even if they’ve hit upon a perfect formula. Secret is a wonderful display of how slow they’re willing to go with a track and the other techniques they have at their disposal to make up for a lack of speed. Then there’s Kings, which is much faster in comparison but no less addictive. The lyrics in both tracks are great and fun to listen to. Quite often the lyrics from different tracks meld together and get themselves stuck together in some kind of a The Pierces mega fusion.

The thing that remains throughout all the tracks are the harmonious duets. Their voices compliment each other so wonderfully that they’re often the best part of the tracks. Sometimes the duet is really subtle and for the most part you can only hear one voice, but then the second comes through and blends perfectly.

Perhaps one of the best songs I came across was You’ll Be Mine. It has a mixture of everything and brings together all the elements they’ve used before. It begins a little slowly and picks up pace later on with the chorus. If you listen to the lyrics they’re fun despite tackling the much overused topic of love. I like their take, the perspective in the song is a little darker with some fairy tale references and, of course, the title being You’ll Be Mine.

The Pierces are always very clever with their lyrics and this song has some of their best. I like that it’s forgone traditional sound for the most part. At the beginning there’s a guitar strumming and a solitary drum beat, but the longer the track goes on for the more synthetic it becomes. That’s probably not the right word, but neither is electric.

Their music is definitely quirky and while they might be considered pop (not something we talk about often here) they’re actually brilliant. if you’re looking for something new to listen to then definitely give these guys a go because they offer so much there has to be a song you like.

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