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Count to Ten by Tina Dico

Hi again.

I know it’s been a while but we’re back and we’re really going to focus on the music that Musical Nourishment loves.  I’ll offer no explanation for the long absence as there really isn’t a good enough excuse to put down.

However, I come to you with this offering and hope you all love it as much as I do, because once again I am totally addicted to one song.

Count to Ten is a fantastically atmospheric and extremely moody song. It has a little bit of everything, which is especially helpful when you have no idea what to listen to (a position I quite often find myself in). Tina Dico’s voice is so enthralling it’s hard to pass by the track without listening a bit more to it, which makes you want to listen to it one more time, and that in turn results in several repeats in one sitting.

She has this brilliant tone to her voice and you’re put in mind of Laura Marling and a little bit of The Pierces (who MN will talk about in later post). Of course, you don’t really get the latter straight away, it’s more because of the lyrics than anything else, and obviously the dramatic instrumental backup.

Then there’s the mixed up pacing of the song. Yes, I know, here I go talking about the tempo again, I’m afraid nothing’s really changed all that much in the intervening months!

Anyway, the pace.

It starts out gloriously slow, it teases you in with the mumbling guitar and the persistent piano. Together they promise that they’re building up to something but they’ll be damned if their going to get any faster than they need to. So you wait, hanging onto every chord, bracing yourself with every slight change.

And then it comes. The wait was so worth it.

They kick off with a tiny bit more power, giving enough to satisfy you, for now. You revel in it because it gives the song that extra hook in your mind, which absolutely ensures you’ll click repeat because there’s so much to appreciate. But then it settles into the same pattern as before and it’s obvious it’ll kick up again, but how can it be improved?

Well, the aforementioned instrumental backup of course. It evolves into so much more than a shy guitar and quiet piano. It turns into a bold violin, which is matched stride for stride with a piano that is quietly confident in itself and remains in the background but weaves the entire song together so perfectly.

This is further supported by the awesome vocals. Dico delivers each word with purpose and not a single one of them is wasted. She knows exactly how she wants the track to come across and she manages that with ease. She started off quietly but by the end she’s put a lot of emotional complexity into the song that she has no choice but finish with a flourish.

The track ends with a countdown mixed so expertly into the rest of the song that the whole thing just feels entirely dramatic. I’ve used the word before but it’s the only one that suits the track. Although I suppose it’s better described as quietly dramatic. It doesn’t draw much attention to itself, but the song still stands its ground.

Count to Ten is an absolutely brilliant song and I couldn’t help but share it with you.

What do you think?

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