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Looten Duke – Our first gig back will be at the Edge of the Wedge


Looten Duke, another Portsmouth band, have been gigging since 2013. Since they got together they’ve released their debut single and video called (There’s No Way I Could) Lose My Mind. They offer up a blues/rock sound and have been on a mission to get it out to as many people as possible by hitting the pubs and local venues.

We kept missing each other at Victorious but we finally managed to catch up over email. Joshua Elkington chose hos fiva random numbers and took on our question cards.

Musical Nourishment (MN): What would be your menu on Come Dine With Me?

Joshua Elkington (JE): I would make a giant pot of curry, too spicy for anyone at the table and I would eat it all to myself. I’ve not really watched the show so I’m not sure how things ‘go down’ there, but I’m not overly fond of the idea of making free food for judgmental strangers. I have plenty of lovely friends who would leave me with a thankful and congratulatory pat on the bottom after a hearty homemade meal sooner than a number based on my likability and performance.

MN: Most famous person you’ve ever met?

JE: Someone from Eastenders called me ‘sweetheart’ whilst I was working at a theatre, my mum was very jealous. I’m actually very shy when it comes to meeting people I am a fan of. I only just embraced the chance to meet and be pictured with Nine Black Alps’ singer after constant encouragement by my friend Ed at one of their shows. It was horribly awkward. I did not have the guts to meet Dinosaur Pile-Up’s Matt Bigland at their after-show meet and greet. That man has whispered sweet nothings through my earphones at the dead of night far too many times, it doesn’t really correlate that these people are real and touchable. I will never be able to speak to Dave Grohl, but my best friend Joe has given the Foo’s keys player a sexy, drunken dance during a chance encounter in a festival tent that he can’t remember. Me and Aaron (Looten Duke’s bassist) are worried that Josh Homme will shout at us at every gig of his that we go to. I babble.

MN: What would be you specialist subject on Mastermind?

JE: Pokemon. Ask me anything, motherfucker!

MN: Tell me a secret.

JE: I can ride my bike real fast. In his youth, Aaron almost killed someone with an axe, but that’s a story for another time.

MN: Do you have a charity or a cause that is close to your heart?

JE: Most likely Cancer Research, my family has had too many brushes with cancer. Dark way to wrap up an interview! I think you meant to ask me my favourite flavour of ice cream, and of course the answer would be raspberry.

MN: Do Looten Duke have anything coming up that you want to talk about?

JE: Pretty much, the place to be at the moment is Already slipped your mind? that’s LOOTEN DUKE. We are just about to jump into the studio to record some of the riffiest, raunchiest, darkest, sexiest rock music you’ve ever heard in your life. I like to think of our music as an anthem to aggressive sex. It’s going to be one hell of an EP. We’re hoping to have a new single out before the end of the year, but the trick is in the timing, and we’re not trusted with clocks. Our first gig back will be at the Edge of the Wedge in Southsea on the 3 October, and we will have a string of dates that will reach places we’ve never played before, or haven’t played at enough, like Brighton, London, Fareham, Southampton, and a shit load more. We’re expanding, and I’ll be honest; we’re coming for you. Free songs, free shows? Don’t even trip. We’ve got you covered, bro.

As we said earlier Looten Duke have been hitting the local venues and building up their fan base, now that they’ve established their roots they going to broaden their area and pick up new fans along the way. It’s exciting to hear that there may be new recordings soon. Don’t forget to check in with their Facebook in order to keep up with their releases and tour dates.

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