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The Monkey Butlars – Dean gets mistaken for my dad sometimes


The Monkey Butlars are a Portsmouth based band that covers songs for their local gigs. They’re always up for an event and Victorious was one of their biggest so far. They hit the Casemates Showcase stage and we caught up with them just before their set.

Musical Nourishment (MN): What would be your menu on Come Dine With Me?

Monkey Butlars (MB)1: That’s a great one, I’d have Parma ham and melon for a starter. The main course would be a toad in the hole with apple and pork sausages with roast onion gravy , mashed potato with crème fresh and seasonal vegetables. Probably carrots roasted in honey and pudding would be home-made profiteroles with chocolate cream

MN: You’ve given that one a lot of thought

Dean (D): Yep! And probably some amuse bouché.

MN: Do you have any superstitions?

Martin: I always walk under ladders if I can help it.

MN: So it’s like an anti superstition?

Martin: Yeah, I’ve got no problem with that but I do think that if there’s a ladder I should walk under it.

MN: What’s on your rider?

Martin: We were given an envelope with drinks in weren’t we?

Toby: Yeah we got an envelope with drinks in, but I think we should have a man dressed in a monkey suit because we’re the Monkey Butlars.

Dean: And a tray of croutons.

Toby: Yeah and a tray of croutons. Strong Bow, definitely a crate of Strong Bow.

Dean: Oh and some Smarties. I would like Smarties. Smarties are good.

Martin: Oh and bacon, everyone loves bacon.

MN: So basically everything you can get?

Toby: And I want to be allowed to do a stage dive as well.

MN: As a band do you have anything coming out you want to talk about?

Dean: Yeah I think Martin is coming out soon.

Martin: Dean’s got something coming out his ass.

Dean: Well I’ve only just joined the band again today for a one off as I’ve retired. So I’ve got retirement to look forward to!

Toby: Dean gets mistaken for my dad sometimes!

Dean: Yeah I’m not enjoying that. Someone once said to us ‘it’s really nice that you’ve got your dad in the band’! And I’m only seven years older than him it’s ridiculous! I don’t look like his dad do I?

MN: Nope.

Martin: We’ve got lots of stuff on Facebook so catch up with us on there.

And that’s The Monkey Butlars for you. If you want to see any events they’ve got coming up, or if you’re interested in having them for an even you can check their Facebook and Twitter.

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