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Slow Club – We broke down in the Arizona desert once

slow club

Slow Club is one of our favourite bands at the moment, their music is fantastic and they’re on an upward trajectory that refuses to relent. They headlined the Nevada Acoustic stage at Victorious Festival and their set was brilliant. Charles and Rebecca took to the stage and delivered their perfect music with perfect harmonies, Rebecca doing so while sporting a moustache, which kept threatening to fall off.

They played plenty of songs from their recent album, Complete Surrender, including the hidden track, which can be found at the end of Wanderer Wandering. It’s such a lovely track and it was a nice surprise to actually have it played live. The set was brilliant, but over far too soon. They proved a popular group, which is no surprise.

Slow Club come from Sheffield and they’ve really forged a name for themselves with their melodies and unrelenting talent. Their voices go so well together and they’re not afraid to experiment with sound and push their boundaries. We caught up with Charles before the band’s set.

Musical Nourishment (MN): Including musicians past and present who would be in you ultimate band?

Charles Watson (CW) I guess on drums… that’s a tough one actually. I’ll tell you what I’ll have a little look on my phone. Am I in the band as well? Or is this a dream band?

MN: If you want to be yes, it’s entirely up to you.

CW: I’ll tell you what to make it easier I won’t be in the band and I’ll just pick Levon Helm. Um, who else? Who would we have on bass? Probably Macca on bass, this is the most generic band ever haha! Bowie is a pretty good front man isn’t he, so Bowie singing. Who should we say we have on guitar? I’m going to have two guitarists but Marc Bolan is a sweet guitarist. And then on keys we’ve got Philip Glass.

MN: Tell me a secret.

CW: I don’t really have any secrets I’m not a very secretive person so I don’t know if I have any. Maybe that’s the secret, don’t keep secrets!

MN: That’s a fair enough secret! At least people know that now! What do you think makes good music?

CW: Honesty, probably, good music comes from you meaning it.

MN: Like being sincere in the lyrics?

CW: Yeah. Anything really, if you are honest then that’s fine. I you’re dishonest in your music then I think that is shows.

MN: What’s the weirdest experience you’ve ever had on tour?

CW: We broke down in the Arizona desert once. That was weird and horrible.

MN: Yeah I can imagine! One of the worst place to break down.

SC: It is, especially when it’s your own fault. We ran out of petrol.

MN: How long were you stuck there for?

SC: A couple of hours and then we broke down again the next day! It was quite a horrible 24 hours generally. We had been on tour for about 6 months so we were all getting really pissed off with each other too!

MN: What lyrics really speak to you?

CW: What, specific lyrics or a certain lyricist?

MN: Yeah or if it’s a lyricist that especially writes gold after gold.

CW: I really like James Mercer’s words, he’s from The Shins. I kind of like it that he’s got his own language that he doesn’t really write generic lyrics, they are all quite cryptic and just beautiful pieces of work in their own right. Yeah I’ll go for James Mercer.

MN: When did you first realise that music was what you wanted to do?

CW: back to the future 1 in about 1995

MN: Is that because of what happens towards the end of the film?

CW: Yeah just the Chuck Berry thing. That was pretty much my awakening, it’s not very cool.

MN: Oh no, it’s a good story to have. And, just lastly, is there anything you’ve got coming up that you’d just like to plug?

CW: Well we’ve just released a record in June and we’re going to be touring all over really for the next six months. The shows are on our website.

Thankfully they managed to squeeze us in before having to get ready for the set. Their latest album is a brilliant collection of songs and it was fantastic to hear them live. They are certainly an exciting band and it will be great to keep up with everything they have coming out. Fingers crossed they’ll be at Victorious again next year.

Slow Club are a band you really should keep up with, and you can do that through their Facebook, Twitter and their website and you can see exactly why we love them.

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