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The Flip Flays – our old drummer is quite famous in the Two Door Cinema Club

the flip flays

The Flip Flays are a four piece, Brighton based band. They hit the Real Ale Stage at Victorious Festival with songs from their EPs, the most recent of which was released this year.

We met up with all four of the band before their set just behind the stage and they took on the question cards.

MN: Who is the person you would most like to meet?

Mike Hawkins (MH): Mine would be Stephen Fry, just because I think I could learn a lot from him. He’s probably one of the most intelligent men in the world. if not in England. I think he would be very interesting to talk to.

MN: Yeah definitely.

Dan Somers (DS): Michael Jackson.

James Petts (JP): That’s a big ask though, isn’t it?

DS: Yeah

David Stewart (DST): Why? Haha.

DS: Donavon Frankenreiter, because he’s a good surfer, my favourite surfer, and he’s a nice musician and he’s got a great moustache

MN: Oh that’s always a good reason isn’t it! Tell me a secret.


DS: That’s quite a broad range of questions. I cut my own hair!

JP: Due to his secret I’ve started cutting my own hair as well!

MN: It works out cheaper in the end doesn’t it!

DS: It’s better really as you don’t get stressed about a bad cut.

JP: You get good banter as well!!

MN: You don’t have to worry about the terrible conversation. Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met?

DST: That would probably be Dynamo.

MN: Did he do a trick?

DST: He did and it was awesome.

MN: What did he do?

DST: He did some things with cards, it was very quick. It was at a magic festival, because I’m a magician as well as a drummer, and he turned up and everyone stalked him throughout the day and yeah it was pretty awesome.

MN: Excellent. Did you take part in the trick or did you just see it?

DST: No I just witnessed it.

MN: Sometimes it’s a bit nerve-racking and you don’t want to be part of it.

DST: I should have shown him up. I should have been ‘right this is how it’s done!’

MN: That would’ve been good!

DST: Yep, next time!

JP: I once went on a jet ski with Gavin Peacock, who you probably don’t know, but he’s an ex QPR Newcastle footballer. Also…I was thinking of someone else then. I’ve forgotten, carry on!

DS: The most famous person I’ve err met is Shane Ritchie, famous for the Daz adverts. I met him on a residential at school and I didn’t know who he was at the time but everyone was getting his autograph so I had to jump on that band wagon

MN: Being British and all, you had to jump in the queue!

DS: Yeah but I didn’t know him at all!

MH: I’m friends with his horn section, he’s got a band.

DS: I didn’t know that.

MH: I also met our drummer, our old drummer is also quite famous in the Two Door Cinema Club. Yeah I met him!

MN: Out of all the songs that aren’t your own, which do you wish you had written and why?

MH: There are so many!

MN: Is there one that springs to mind?

MH: I wish I’d written Little Wing I love the guitar, the lyrics are pretty out there as well. I love dreamy, made up lyrics as well that make you think of different worlds and places.

JP: A really successful Christmas song, you could live off that one!

MN: You’ve still got a couple of months!

JP: Let’s do it. Let’s get a Christmas song together!

DS: Mine would have been Strawberry Fields by the Beatles. It’s just a masterpiece I’m very envious of them they were very clever men.

DST: A song I wish I’d written..? Happy Birthday, because everyone knows it.

DS: Yeah but do they get royalties for that now?

DST: Probably, if it’s played as a recording and it’s like one of the most famous songs ever.

MN: Ok and just one last question. Do you have anything coming up that you want to discuss before we wrap it up?

DS: we’re going to be recording an acoustic album because quite a lot of our music is quite laid back and chilled out and we think that an acoustic style would suit it. We don’t know when it would be released, we’re still in the process of recording just acoustic versions of the songs we already have.

JP: Oh and a few new ones as well.

Another band with another recording to look forward to, There certainly seems to be a lot of new music coming from a lot of the artists that graced the festival in August. The Flip Flays played on two stages at the festival, giving them a chance to continue growing their fan base. And it would be great if they came up with a Christmas song too!

As usual, if you want to keep up-to-date with their going-ons then keep a lookout on their Facebook, Twitter and website.

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