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The Cadbury Sisters – good music is all about relatability and that doesn’t always mean lyrics

Cadbury Sisters

The Cadbury Sisters are a three-piece group made up, unsurprisingly, of sisters. They came to Victorious to play on the Castle stage and they said they had a great time on there. While we’re chatting The Struts are playing on the main stage, the lead singer had previously launched himself into the audience and the sisters were enjoying the show.

Meanwhile, motivated by the cup return tent, there were children jumping into the nearby dumpster rummaging through the rubbish, making  a brilliant welcome to Portsmouth. The Cadbury Sisters were certainly enjoying the atmosphere and revelling in the slight chaos around them, having fun watching. We caught up with Lucy, Mary and Jess beside the Castle Stage, and they said it was one of the best interviews they’d had.

MN: What would be your menu on Come Dine With Me?

Lucy Cadbury (LC): (Excitedly reading it out) On Come Dine With Me, yeah!! Mine would be prawn dim sung things to start and the main would be, ooooh beef stroganoff! Then pudding would be a poached pear tart.

Others: Ooh yeah that’s brilliant, that sounds delicious, it would really hit the spot.

MN: If you could curate your own festival who would headline?

Mary Cadbury (MC): Alright I’d have Arcade fire; I’d have Bright eyes… Who else would I have? I’d have…

Others: Brand New!

MC: I’d have Brand New

Others: How many headliners can you have?

MC: No, these are all co-headliners! Right how many days do I have, three days. So three days of headliners the first night would be a band called Why the second night would be a Brand New and the third night would be the Arcade Fire.

MN: What do you think makes good music?

Jess Cadbury (JC): I think good music, for me, is all about relatability you know and that doesn’t always mean lyrics for me. I either relate to a melody line emotionally or lyrics emotionally just something that you can relate to. That’s what makes good music for me.

MN: What Lyrics really speak to you?

LC: Oh god that’s a very, very difficult one isn’t it? Umm Rihanna We Found Love in a Hopeless Place.

MN: Ok, why’s that?

LC: Just because it’s quite relevant isn’t it because most people find love in weird places.

Other: or hopeless places.

LC: A lot of the time, well sometimes, when you are really struggling and you find love from somebody you are usually in that place where you’re feeling helpless or a bit shit and that’s where you find love. Rihanna speaks whatever the word is.

Others: Volumes.

MN: Including musicians past and present who would be in your ultimate band?

MC: I would have Shay Tillamn on drums. Oh who would I have on bass?

Others: Flea?

MN: Everyone says Flea.

MC: I’m not going to say Flea because he would steal the show and I would want to be … I would have Jenny Lewis on bass and backing vocals, I’d be on main vocals, obviously, and I’d have Ryan Adams on guitar.

Others: Yummy!

MC: I’d have my boyfriend on bass guitar as well because he’s rad.

Others: That’s so lame! Oh you lamo!

MC: He’s brilliant and he’d love to play with Jenny. Or Ryan and Josh!

Others: Lame lame lame laaaame!

MN: What’s the weirdest experience you’ve ever had on tour?

JC: Oh my god there’s so many moments! We were supporting one of our favourite bands, I don’t know if I should name names, which was amazing and we were all really excited. Afterwards we went straight on drinking because we needed to relax so we went to a pub with THAT band and the other one, we ended up in this tiny weird pub in Gloucester as everywhere else was shut and basically it was a lock in. It was us and the other two bands and a French rugby team. At one point my sisters heard this chanting and they were like where’s Jess and what is that chanting and they saw the French rugby team crowded around someone and I was the one in the middle of the team leading the chant! Hehe!

Others: And what she was saying wasn’t French but they were all copying her, which was quite weird.

MC: And I was there eating a muffin in the toilet that we’d taken from the gratuity basket at the bed and breakfast.

LC: Yeah and our mum came in her very family car and picked up the other band and took them back to the hotel.

All: and our dog was in the car.

MC: Our little brother was in the car as well, it was all very weird.

MN: It’s a good one though a good one to look back on.

JC: Something to tell the grand kids!

MN: One last one, is there anything you’ve got coming up as a band that you want to plug at the moment?

Cadbury Sisters: Yeah, there will be a release in October. Its affiliate with quite a big record label, then we’ve got a new EP that we are recording in November so that’s basically it. Oh and a headlining tour in October.

Their debut EP Close came out in June this year and their current single, Milk, is available for download now. It’s exciting to learn that they’re going to be recording a new EP and that they have a tour coming up next month. If you like what you hear then be sure to keep up with them. Not only are they an exciting band but they have a great personality to go with their talent. Of course, keeping up-to-date with them means watching their Facebook, Twitter and website for more details.

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