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Hometown Show – contrary to rumours Seasick Steve is not joining the band

hometown show

We caught up with Hometown Show at Victorious last year, and they were more than happy to create a tradition and come talk to us before heading onto the stage for their set. They have been busy in the year that has gone by, releasing their debut album Love, Liquor and Lonely Nights, playing at the O2 in London and taking on the task of curating and headlining the Real Ale Stage at Victorious.

The band is always fun to talk to and this was no exception. All four were present for the interview, so we were talking to Matthew Harrison, Josh Hibberd, Trevor Thwaites and Caz Batten. They spared us a few minutes outside the Real Ale Stage.

Musical Nourishment (MN): What is your pet peeve?

Matthew Harrison (MH): Joshua Hibberd, and that is my final answer. Locked in for a million pounds!

Caz Batten (CB): Can we all vote on that? One, two, three Matthew Harrison!


MH: Ok what is my pet peeve? What within the band or just in general?

MN: Just anything.

Josh Hibberd to MH (JH): I think, well you’re not that bad anymore, but your pet peeve used to be people talking when we were playing.

MH: Yeah, I’ve chilled out a bit now!

JH: He used to go nuts at them.

MH: I did yeah and like really divaish.

Trevor Thwaites (TT): And I’m peeved at people who put us on at the same time as Seasick Steve.

MH: Oh yes I’m so annoyed that we are headlining yes!!!! Reeeally annoyed!!

JH: Yeah it’s such a drag!


MN: Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met?

MH: The most famous person I’ve ever met

JH: It’s gotta be doc hasn’t it?

MH: I met Christopher Lloyd once, who plays Dr Emmet L Brown in Back to the Future, and I also me the guys from the Old Crow Medicine Show in Nashville at an album release, and they were a lovely bunch of people.

JH: I’ve met Hugh Jackman.

MN: In Les Mis. Is that when you were working on it?

JH: Yeah. I’m sure I’ve met loads of people, there was Hugh Jackman oh and Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, they’re pretty famous!

MH: Oh and I met Ashley Green from Twilight and I loved it!

JH: Oh dear.

CB: I bet you did.

TT: Tom baker when he was the current Doctor Who.

JH: Do you know him personally? Because I need somebody as a judge for the Sci Fi Fiction and Fantasy weekend.

TT:Hhe sat next to me on a train, which resulted in me being trampled when everyone else recognised him!

MH: When he was Doctor Who? Is that like when they were still carving and chipping stuff into stone?

TT: Yes that’s right. That’s right sonny!!!!


JH: So is your pet peeve Tom Baker because he caused you to be trampled?

TT: No it’s Matt Harrison!!!


CB: I’ve met a whole load of people. I guess Katie Tunstull and Marina Pallow, she was pretty cool. I met her twice and she remembered me, which was nice.

MN: That’s always a good story to have. What’s on your rider?

CB: We have a rider?

TT: Rider what’s a rider!?

MH: When we are privileged enough to have a rider it’s usually, just for me, like whisky and then other than that it’s soft drinks pretty much. That’s about it really although Caz sometimes has a glass of wine.

CB: I once played a solo show and had a £5 rider, it was a very small gig so I got a bottle of wine and a laminated picture of Ryan Adams cut into the shape of a heart.

TT: I don’t think we can beat that really!

MH: These guys weren’t there but I even had to try to blag my way into the catering area because they didn’t believe I was supposed to be there. I had to blag my way in and get escorted just to get some chilli and chips! That was yesterday and wasn’t my most proudest moment of my musical career.

CB: Most proud!

MH: Uhhh teacher! If you ever need your blog edited Caz will do it

CB: At a price!

MN: What would be your menu on Come Dine With Me? Almost every single person has managed to get that question!

MH: So like starter, main and pudding?

MN: Yeah, imagine you are all the contestants on Come Dine With Me because there’s enough of you.

MH: Mine’s easy I’d do something southern, American style I’d do biscuits and gravy to start so you’ve got that kind of breakfast touch there and with the mains something like pulled pork and maybe some sweet potato mash with some butter and some brown sugar. Then dessert like a peach cobbler and ice cream.

JH: So, to start…

CB: You can tell that Josh has thought about this already.

JH: To start I’d have cheese and bacon potato skins, or cheese and onion if you’re vegetarian. We’d have that for the starter. I make awesome fajitas and anyone who’s tried them will tell you how awesome they are, so we would have that for the main course. Then we would have, I’ve been making a lot of this lately, homemade ice cream. I would do white chocolate and raspberries because that’s my favourite at the moment.

TT: I would have avocado and blue cheese salad as the starter with crusty bread. The main would be oven roasted squash with nutmeg and spices and variety of interesting vegetables. For dessert, I don’t really do desserts but probably something involving fruit, so a fruit crumble.

JH to MN: Are you going to vote on who would win?

MH: Are they even going to remember at this point?

JH: Well they better do!

CB: Right, there are no promises that I can actually cook this but as this is fictional I’d give it a go. I’d be one of those contestants that practises it first.

JH: Why don’t you buy it and pretend it’s yours?

CB: Oh no I’m not buying it in. If I fuck up then I’ll admit to it! I would go for a duck confit with a side salad and some hoisen sauce. Maybe some venison and assorted vegetables.

JH: Oh you’ve gone too far!

CB: Oh sorry am I too middle class for you?

MH: Bambi hates you.

CB: I don’t care, I didn’t like that film. When Bambi cried for its mother I laughed!


JH: The quote of the day.

MH: Says Caz Batten as she drinks vodka and Fanta from her sippy cup with sharks on.

CB: Hey shut up, the aquarium was awesome!

MH: The beaker of shame!

JH: What are you doing for dessert?

CB: I don’t know some sort of…

TT: ‘Just desserts’ by the way you treated Bambi!

CB: Maybe some homemade brownies and some ice cream.

HTS: So who’s the winner?

MN1 to JH: Well, because you included the vegetarian options I’m going to have to go with you, being a vegetarian and all.

TT: My entire menu was vegetarian!

MN1: Ok it’s a tie!

MN2: Well I would have said the same but because of the white chocolate Josh, I’m going to go with Matt

CB: Well mine was just too upper class for all of you.


MN: Just one last question, as a band have you got anything coming up that you just want to take this opportunity to plug?

MH: We haven’t announced it yet but we are going on tour with The Paper Trains so we’re doing that.

MN: The Paper Trains mentioned that earlier.

MH: Of course they did, they got there first didn’t they! We’re doing a joint tour and its called the Holiday Hoedown tour and we’re going to do separate sets and then we’re going to come together for a joint set at the end.

MN: Oh excellent.

CB: Are we? That’s news to me!

TT: And contrary to rumours Seasick Steve is not joining the band. We’re fed up of telling him to bugger off! He keeps on asking, it’s so embarrassing!

MH: We’ve still got a track left over from our recent recording so we’re going back into the studio as we’ve got some little ideas for a new EP in the pipeline at the moment. The tour is the main thing.

JH: We are currently looking for some new musicians, a fiddle player and a banjo player, so we’re going to a festival to see if we can pick any up along the way.

MH: Expanding the line up.

Hometown Show are always good for a laugh and they certainly didn’t disappoint at Victorious. They’re a fun group to be around and it certainly comes through in their shows. Their tour with The Paper Trains promises to be exciting and if you’re around we recommend you go and see them. With the addition of a fiddle and banjo it’s definitely exciting to see where they’re going to go now.

Don’t forget they have their album and two EPs out now for you to enjoy, and hints of more to come in the future. As usual head on over to Facebook, Twitter and their website  to keep up to date with Hometown Show.

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