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Kassassin Street – Paul McCartney bumped into me

Kassassin Street

Garnering favourable press attention from the music publications, including former iconic magazine NME, Kassassin Street are a Portsmouth staple and cemented that position even further by appearing on the Seaside Stage at Victorious Festival. Their music is a blend of all their influences and comes out as something that is entirely their own.

Their debut single is The Royal Handkerchief Ballet and it’s available now for streaming and downloading. They also have a couple of dates lined up before the year is up. We met with Rowan Bastable at the Bandstand.

Musical Nourishment (MN): Who is the person you would most like to meet?

Rowan Bastable (RB): ooooh!

MN: Difficult?

RB: Yeah, for a first one that’s caught me off guard! Now I’m stuck. the person I would most like to meet? I’m going to go with something quite random and say Michael Caine for no other reason than his classic role in Zulu. I would probably like to see how much of that I can re-enact! I think that could be quite interesting. Yeah, I’m going to stick with Michael Caine.

MN: What lyrics really speak to you?

RB: I think that’s going to have to be Neil Young. Of all lyricists he’s the one who speaks to me the most, the one who brings me out in goose bumps the most. I think he has a way of saying things that just kind of work so broadly he encapsulates so much of youth.

MN: Out of all the songs that are not your own which ones do you wish you had written and why?

RB: I’m going to say Mungo Jerr’sy Summertime because it always makes me feel happy and I think it’s good to say you’ve written a song that makes everyone feel happy.

MN: It’s really difficult to write a song that makes everyone feel happy,

RB: Yeah, it is.

MN: What is your pet peeve?

RB: Oh I’ve got too many.

MN: Top three?

RB: Ok, top three. People who take a swig of their drink when they’re eating food. When they’ve still got the food in their mouth and they take a drink ,that’s vile. Toilets without a lock, because we don’t all take drugs some of us just want to use the toilet and the taps! The taps in public toilets when you take your hand off and the water stops coming out because that just makes the whole washing your hands thing really awkward. So that’s my three.

MN: They’re really good, well thought out pet peeves.

RB: I thought of them a long time ago.

MN: When did you first realise music was what you wanted to do?

RB: Do you know what I think that would have definitely been when I was about 12 or 13 years old. That’s when I really got into music. It was almost an unsaid thing, I knew from an early age that it was all I wanted to do but I didn’t voice that until I was about 16 or 17. I went and studied some A-levels and things like that and it got to the point of university and I thought ‘I’m going to spend the rest of my life wondering what if?’ So I decided to go for the opposite.

MN: Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met?

RB: Paul McCartney bumped into me outside Selfridges once. By bumped into me I mean I was walking along and a friend of mine said it was him and I didn’t believe it so I walked up as close beside him as I could and he turned to go into Selfridges and knocked straight into me so I managed to turn that into an impromptu hug!

MN: That’s a brilliant one!

RB: Shall I do one more for luck. I did see one about a charity.

MN: If you can find it pick it out… Do you have a charity or cause that’s close to your heart?

RB: yeah we do a lot for a local charity called No More Durty Water campaign. We believe that clean water is a human right so we’ve been putting wells all around the world. It’s in conjunction with a few other charities as well No More Dirty Water is the name of it here It’s a really amazing charity so we do lots of gigs locally in town to do with it. Do keep your eyes out for No More Dirty Water because it’s a brilliant cause.

MN: It sounds like a great one. Just one last question – have the band got anything that’s coming up you’d like to talk about?

RB: We do. We’ve got the gig today, which will be amazing, and then we are off the Bestival in a couple of week’s time, which will be great. And then we’re releasing another single so with any luck that’ll be the end of September, date to be confirmed, but we should have a new single at the end of September.

MN: So it’s going to be a good couple of months.

RB: Yeah, hopefully.

That was Rowan from Kassassin street, giving a view on what life with the band must be like. He was absolutely lovely to talk to, and it’s good to know that there’s more from them sitting on the horizon. As usual you can always hit Facebook, Twitter and their website for more information about their projects.

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