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Jerry Williams – I was quite shy at school and all of a sudden I had an urge like I just want to do this


Jerry Williams is a Portsmouth based singer and she is proving very popular amongst the locale. At last year’s Victorious we saw her perform a fair few times as she filled in for artists who pulled out, this year she was doing the same thing, but when it came to her own slot on the Nevada Acoustic Stage she drew a fantastic crowd.

Afterwards there was an impressive queue of people wanting to buy CDs and merchandise, as well as get autographs. Her EP, Hairdressers Called Sids, is out now and available for download.

Musical Nourishment (MN): When did you first realise that music was what you wanted to do?

Jerry Williams (JW): I don’t know. I used to be a really big fan of Avril Lavigne when I was about 11 and I used to think she was really cool. That’s kind of the reason why I started guitar but I accidentally started learning classical, so I started doing that and it was really weird as I did that to quite a good standard. I just wrote songs and I just love it you know I was quite shy at school and all of a sudden I had an urge like I just want to do this, it was after I saw Jake Bugg at the Wedgewood Rooms I just thought ‘I need to, I just want to do what he’s doing’ basically and that’s when I just got the confidence and went out and performed the songs I’ve written. I’ve always wanted to do it but now I know that it’s what I want to do.

MN: There’s no going back, nowhere else to go.

JW: That’s it! that’s true.

MN: What lyrics really speak to you?

JW: What like my songs?

MN: well anybody’s.

JW: I love lyrics that are really honest and really conversational that you can relate to in real life. So a lot of David Grey’s lyrics just really get me. I kind of listen for lyrics when I hear music as it means a lot to me yeah that’s probably it, David Grey.

MN: Including musicians past and present, who would be in your ultimate band?

JW: How many members can I have?

MN: Let’s say five.

JW: Five members? Jake Bugg, David Grey, Johnny Cash, Jamie T, and Slow Club.

MN: Ahhh, I’m interviewing Slow Club later.

JW: Oh I’m so jealous. I love Slow Club they’re one of my favourite bands.

MN: Are you watching them?

JW: Yeah, they’re one of my inspirations. I’ve loved them since I was 14. I love them.

MN: What would your menu be on Come Dine With Me be?

JW: Ok, starter classic tomato soup I love that, I would make it myself mum makes a good soup. Main, oh I don’t know chicken tikka masala and then for dessert it would be profiteroles.

MN: You’re the second person to say profiteroles.

JW: Am I? How funny, I love profiteroles.

MN: If you curated your own festival who would headline?

JW: Headline would be ooh I don’t know there’s so many I would want to headline. I’d like to say Arctic Monkeys Jake Bugg and Slow Club, again because I’m a big fan.

MN: I know you’ve got your EP but have you got anything else you want to talk about?

JW: I’m releasing a series of eight acoustic videos where I film in each independent shop that I like around Portsmouth. So I just play one song I’ve written in a shop I like just to kind of show that I love Portsmouth. So they are all going to be released on my YouTube channel which is every couple of weeks and there’s behind the scenes footage as well.

With a unique sounding project coming up Jerry is certainly going to be quite busy. Her EP is a creation of her own original songs and if her set was anything to go by it won’t be long before she’s headlining stages herself. Hopefully she did catch the Slow Club set because it was amazing, but more on that later.

As she said, you can catch those eight videos on her Youtube channel, and if you want to know anything about gig dates and future releases then there is always Facebook and Twitter.


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