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Corinna Jane – I always think that there is some kind of greater cause somewhere


Corinna Jane is an artists that has gained some traction within the industry. Passionate about music, Corinna has been singing since she was five and has since teamed up with guitarist Luke Wood to bring her alternative pop music to different levels.

She will be releasing her debut album this autumn and her single Echoes of My Mind has been made the official song of new game, Standpoint. Also due to be released this autumn.

We caught up with her outside the Nevada Acoustic Stage.

Musical Nourishment (MN): What would be your menu on Come Dine With Me?

Corinna Jane (CJ): What a brilliant question! I love that show! Right here goes … For starters I would probably …. ok I’m going to work backwards because I’ve figured out the rest of it. So, for the main course I’d go for risotto because I know it’s a Come Dine With Me classic really, but I’m the queen of risotto making and all my friends say so. I kind of have a reputation amongst my circle so it would be a risotto. Probably with chorizo, maybe scallops and porcini mushrooms, add in a bit of garlic and definitely lots of parmesan on top. For dessert, this is my other famous dessert in my friendship circle, is my lemon tart and it’s not even like any lemon tart there’s a lot of real zingy zesty texture to my lemon tart that makes it just a little bit special. Now for the starter, I have to come back to this because that was the thing I couldn’t really work out, but I would probably go with….it would have to be something very simple maybe avocado with prawns or something, or I would make a homemade pate and little toast. Yeah I think that would get me a 10!

MN: That’s a great menu. Next question!

CJ: I hope it’s like a random one I love these random ones.

MN: Out of all the songs that are not your own which do you wish you had written and why?

CJ: That’s also a great question – you have great questions. This is so much fun! Last night I saw Tom Odell perform and I think Tom Odell’s great and I absolutely love, and I think this is the best song he released last year, Another Love is beautiful.

MN: I love that song.

CJ: It’s great. You can’t imagine such a complicated yet beautiful riff in your head. It’s one of those things that’s so rare and the whole melody and the lyrics, it’s such a unique piece of music that doesn’t sound like anything else. It has a weird emotional core to it and it’s mesmerising.

MN: I think with Tom Odell he’s got this unique tone like being able to go from really soft to really passionate and angry, that kinda pulls you in.

CJ: Absolutely and that song, in my book, is a classic really. So that’s one of them yeah it only asked for one song so I think I’ll stick with that.

MN: Do you have any superstitions?

CJ: Do we have time? Haha yeah I have quite a lot of superstitions. I don’t like tempting fate at all, I don’t like saying ‘oh that never happens’ because it always will. I don’t have the kind of superstitions like I’m not going to walk under a ladder or walk on cracks in pavement or things like that. But I’m quite superstitious in other things, I always think that there is some kind of greater cause somewhere so I feel like that’s always at my back. I know that sounds a bit paranoid, but I guess nothing specific rings a bell or anything. You might have to cut out all of this umming and erring when I’m trying to figure out the answer!

MN Don’t worry!

CJ: Ok do I have any superstitions? I’ve just got Stevie Wonder going round in my head now! Well I guess it’s just not tempting fate which is probably my biggest one really, everything else I can live with so it’s just not pushing your luck really. So not a particularly interesting answer

MN: Some people just say no I don’t have any.

CJ: I just can’t do that, I can’t not give an answer!

MN: Do you have a charity or cause that’s close to your heart?

CJ: I don’t have a specific charity that I know of but I do have one that I do think is great because for me it’s animals really, so if there’s a charity I would want to support it’s animals. They get a bit neglected sometimes, I just believe that animals should have the rights that we do because people do sometimes think that we are more important. I think that one really really good cause is the Canine Angels who go off to Romania and they rescue dogs from there. It’s a lot of the street dogs that are neglected or abused or just really starting to roam around the place with no hope of being able to take care of themselves. They get these dogs and then they rely on donations to be able to pay vet bills, and then they re-home them to British homes and it’s such a lovely lovely thing and I think they do a great job.

MN: Shall we do one last card?

CJ: Ok, which one shall I pick?

MN: I like that you put so much thought in.

CJ: That’s where my superstition really kicks in because it may have an impact, kind of like a tarot card.

MN: Tell me a secret.

CJ: Oh Summer we’ve only just met haha! Ok so tell me a secret ok so what kind of secret?

MN: Anything that springs to mind – it doesn’t have to be like a deep deep deep secret.

CJ: Oh ok, I’m so boring I don’t really hide much so…

MN: If you want you can pick another card.

CJ: I might pick another one because I know what I’m like I’ll be thinking a while.

MN: If you curated your own festival who would headline?

CJ: Oh wow right,do they have to be alive?

MN: No, it’s your dream line up.

CJ: Well, it’ll be a combination of new people I really like and old people. One of the singer song writers I’m really loving at the moment is Kacey Musgraves she’s a country singer but she’s got a bit of an edge to her a bit like Sheryl Crow. Speaking of which I’d have like Kacey Musgraves on the bill and I’d have Sheryl Crow the headline. Saying the Beatles is like really obvious so I’m gonna try to be a bit more original about it. Do you know what I’d probably go for, I need a band, a big band to be like the headlining act. I used to love the Killers but now they’ve got a bit soft, they’re not as edgy anymore.

MN: Because he’s got a solo career alongside it hasn’t he?

CJ: Yeah! You know what? I’m going to go for the best band I’ve ever seen play live, it might sound a bit cliché but Greenday because Billie Joe Armstrong has so much of a front man charisma, he’s got so much stage presence and so much personality. The fact is you don’t even have to like any of Greenday’s music to enjoy the set because when he’s on stage everyone just abides by whatever he says. I think Greenday and Kacey Musgraves, it would be a weird line up.

MN: So it’s eclectic.

CJ: It is eclectic, it was a great question.

MN: Just one more. Do you have anything coming up that you would like to plug?

CJ: Yes I do! I am currently recording my album in the studio right now so that will probably be released early next year. There will be a brand new video and its all going to be quite pop rock because right now I’m performing acoustically, which I kind of enjoy but it’s out of necessity. But what I want to do is like rock up all of these songs I’ve got so it’s going to have quite a piano driven pop sound with a slight quirky edge. In the mean time there’s stuff up online on and so you have all kinds of different stuff available right now. So get behind it and when the album is there you can buy the bigger better thing.

MN: Does it have a name yet or are you still working on it?

CJ: no this is the thing, I don’t know what to call it. I don’t want to call it something really naff like Corinna Jane My story or whatever I want it to have something important, but it’s so difficult not to think of a cheesy title. I think it should be a lyric from one of the songs. I think it’s one of those things that will just come to me one day or I’ll just wake up with it.. If you’ve got any suggestions then feel free to tell me!

Corinna Jane is working hard on her upcoming projects, and it will be exciting to hear her new sound. Plus, if she’s ever on Come Dine With Me it sounds like her fellow contestants are in for a treat. As she’s said she’s working on an album, and if you’re eager to know the title or perhaps when it’s due for release there are the usual channels you can use to check including Facebook, Twitter and her website.

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