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Josh Flowers and the Wild – Let the Dirt Live would be cooler we might call our album that


The London-based quartet Josh Flowers and the Wild is a folk rock outfit that took to the Real Ale Stage at Victorious. They have a lot of influences that they channel through their music and their debut EP, Young Bones, is available for download now and it consists of five songs that sum up the band and their sound.

We caught up with frontman Josh Flowers and cellist Squiff Wordsworth outside the Real Ale tent and they’re more than happy to discuss Mastermind as well as the most famous people they’ve met in the past.

Musical Nourishment (MN): Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met?

Josh (J): you could sort of say you met Stevie Wonder but…

Squiff (S): I was at Ronnie Scott’s at two in the morning, a jazz club in London, and Stevie Wonder just randomly turned up and after a few drinks he started jamming with the band from his table with his harmonicas. Then he got a microphone and he was playing and then he got up and sang The Masquerade is Over and after he finished playing I thought ‘wow this is amazing I was so excited I‘m gonna have to go to the loo!’ I went to the loo downstairs at Ronnie’s and he walked in and used the loo as well and I said hello….and that was about it really.

J: So you did meet him!

S: Yeah kind of … in the toilet! Also, I grew up with Eddie Jordan the racing guy. His son was like my best friend until I was about nine so I guess that kind of …

J: …Yes but Stevie Wonder! You met him in an intimate moment!

S: Yes we both had our dicks out!

MN: What would be your specialist subject on mastermind and why? There are some music ones in here I swear!

J: I’ll make that a music one! It will probably be music of the 60’s or 70’s or maybe Bob Dylan as a specialist subject.

S: Rubbish it would be Harry Potter. He’s a nut on Harry Potter.

MN: Mine too, mine would be Harry Potter.

J: My little brother, his would be Harry Potter like he will take anyone on. He’s literally so into it.

MN: I would accept that challenge.

J: Yeah let’s do it!!!!

MN: If someone wrote a biography about you what would it be called?

S: Let’s say about the band. Either Plastic Toy Soldiers in a Tiny Dirt War or Let the Dirt Live.

J: I think Let the Dirt Live.

S: Yeah, Let the Dirt Live would be cooler we might call our album that.

MN: Are these your lyrics?

S: Let the Dirt Live isn’t a lyric it’s more of a motto that we’ve sort of stuck with for the last three years especially for recording and stuff. Sometimes mistakes are what makes the song, the dirty sound like the amps misbehaving that’s what makes the song.

MN: Sometimes a song that’s too polished just isn’t that good.

S: Yeah exactly! So let the dirt live and enjoy it you know?

MN: what is the best gig you’ve ever played?

J: That’s tough.

S: It’s this one isn’t it?

J: That’s tough I can’t think of any good ones haha. I think my favourite is probably one of the ones at The Borderline, a venue in London we’ve played.

S: Which is a 400 plus in capacity.

J: Yeah and it’s packed in and we’ve done a couple of headlining shows there. They were my favourite, they were busy and the sounds were big and it’s dark.

S: And I broke my toe jumping off a bar at one of the gigs there, that was fun.

J: So, that’s it The Borderline.

MN: What do you think makes good music?

Both: Wow.

J: Have you got half an hour?

S: I don’t know. I think our kind of music is the easiest thing to talk about.

J: I think what makes good music is… oh I don’t know… Not caring not thinking about it, not making music for people but making music that you want to make and then it reaches people. The good music I love wasn’t written to please record companies or a crowd or anything. It was done because that’s what has to be done and what was going on, they went with it. I think that’s the difficulty with the second album problem is that thing of having an established fan base and people expecting something. I think that the best music comes when you’re not being expected to make it.

S: And you’ve got A&R guys going ‘where’s the single write me a single’ that’s not the formula it’s like freedom of expression. As well for me, if music’s good it inspires me and it can be any genre. It can be anything if its good like it will make me go away and think ‘wow I want to do something, I want to write I want to do a 10k run or go up a mountain.’ Well, maybe not a run….for those of you without a visual aide I’m a little overweight.

MN: One last question have you got anything about the band you want to discuss anything coming up?

J: The stuff we’d like to put out there I think is that we are working on our album. We’re in the studio writing hard, recording hard so the first single of that should be out towards the beginning of next year.

S: Let’s put a broad marker of within the next 6 months. We are just excited to be releasing new stuff it’s definitely the best we’ve ever done. We are super excited and we have to wait until the right time. We’ve got dates coming up. We’ve got Nottingham on 15 September, Bristol on 16 and London at the Garage on the 18. So those will be good and then we’ve got another string of dates in October so just keep up to date with our Facebook.


So, the band have a busy couple of months ahead of them. Not only do they plan on getting some recording done, but they’ve got a few gig dates ahead of them as well. Of course, if you miss them in September you can always see if you can catch them in October. There was a hint of an album coming up as well, and the possible title for it, which is always exciting. But if you can’t wait for an album, there’s always the EP that’s out now.

As Squiff said, you can keep up with them over Facebook, Twitter and their website.



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