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Imperial Mammoth – I bring all the things I like the most in case I do die

Imperial Mammoth

Imperial Mammoth are an American band who have just made their debut appearance in the UK. Their performance on the Nevada Acoustic Stage at Victorious was one of their first over here. They decided to go for a stripped back show as they were put on the acoustic stage. The group consists of Leonard Jackson and Laura Jane Scott, and they are two of the loveliest people we’ve met.

They were genuinely happy for a chat and seemed up for all the questions. They’re still playing around the UK so fingers crossed they’ll receive the same reception that they had at Victorious while they’re here.

Leonard Jackson (LJ): Ok here we go Laura’s picking, drum roll please.

Laura Jane Scott (LJS): Here we go.

Musical Nourishment (MN): What’s on your rider?

LJS: We don’t have one, so there you go

MN: Is there anything you would have on it if you did have one?

LJS: Water.

LJ: Water definitely. But let’s say if we were really big and we could demand whatever we wanted…

Both: Branstons pickle!

LJS: And white chocolate mice.

MN: Excellent, not together I hope.

LJS: Definitely no!

LJ: Not in a sandwich! No we’re pretty easy going we will eat and drink whatever is given to us, almost in a bad way we probably should be more careful with that.

MN to LJ: Did you want to pick the next question?

LJ: I would indeed. This one right here is calling to me.

MN: What would be your specialist subject on Mastermind and why?

LJ: Ok for I think me it would be archaeology, we do study a lot of that kind of stuff. When I was a kid that’s what I wanted to be so I probably could get no fewer than two out of ten right

LJJS: So mine, I don’t know how you would make it as a category but it’s hearing peoples voices without seeing their faces and being able to say oh yeah that’s Kevin Spacey or that’s whoever.

LJ: Yeah Laura’s amazing. Whenever there’s a credit card commercial she can say oh that’s so and so even if they are disguising their voice.

MN: I have the same talent.

LJS: you do?

MN: Yeah!

Both: Excellent.

LJ: Vocal detective, vocal detective!

MN: That’s a good name for it. Who’s the person you would most like to meet?

LJS: Oooh there’s so many, dead or alive, does it matter?

MN: It doesn’t matter.

LJS: Oh goodness (to LJ) do you know right away because I have to think about mine?

LJ: I would love to meet one of those hard drinking great novelist like F. Scot Fitzgerald or Hemmingway and like have a couple of drinks with them, but only two because that’s my maximum!


LJ: I have this fear that we’d get into this great philosophical conversation and when I petered out after two drinks that they would give me a hard time, so maybe not that. It might not be that satisfying!

LJS: I’d say John Lennon because he’s a legend. That would be amazing.

LJ: These are good questions, not like ones I’m used to answering.

LJS: Yeah very good.

MN: Thank you I try to make them as random as possible. Do you have any superstitions?

LJ: I don’t have any superstitions but I hate to fly and so I bring all the things I like the most in case I do die on a plane. At least I’ll be able to listen to all the Beatles or read a good detective novel by Raymond Chandler. It makes no sense. It’s much more dangerous on the train! But that’s my superstition.

LJS: I don’t have a superstition but I am scared of ghosts.

LJ: Yeah we stayed in Edinburgh in this house that was supposed to have some ghostly things in. We were both jet lagged pretty bad and I woke at four in the morning and I went to the other room and Laura was like no you have to be in the same room as me there are ghosts around.

MN: Oh really so did you feel them or see them?

LJS: No I just got scared.


MN: It could easily happen.

LJS: You never know!

MN: Shall we do one more each? Out of all the songs that are not your own which do you wish you had written and why?

LJ: That’s a good question.

LJS: Such a good question.

MN: They are designed to put you on the spot ever so slightly

LJS: That’s a great question I think there are so many different ones and I have to pick just one Needle in the Hay by Elliot Smith, which in my mind is just the most perfect song.

MN: Why’s that?

LJS: Just because it says all the sad things in a way that don’t make you sad when you’re listening. Afterwards it really makes you think.

LJS to LJ: How bout you?

LJ: You know there’s so many we wish we had the talents to be able to write. For some reason I’ve been listening to a lot of 70’s country and western and there’s this great singer George Jones. He sings the saddest most horribly sad songs, the one I’ve been listening to the most is called The Door and its just about how this war veteran and he’s seen all these horrible things in his life but there was nothing sadder to him than closing the door when his wife leaves him.

MN: Sometimes sad songs are the best ones to listen to.

LJ: We both went real sad didn’t we.

LJS: Yeah we did.

MN: What would be your menu on Come Dine With Me?

LJ: I don’t know what Come Dine With Me is.

LJS: Is that a reality show?

MN: Come Dine With Me is four people and each have dinner in their houses set over the course of a week and they each have a starter, main and dessert and they’ve got to make it from scratch and they’re judged on it at the end.

LJ: I’d have to say a really well done fried chicken which is a great base. You could do it Asian style or you could do it really spicy. Fried chicken would be my contribution, what about you?

LJS: Gnocchi, I love gnocchi I’ve never made it before but it’s delicious and I would give it a go.

MN: Just one last question do you have anything that’s going on at the moment that you want to tell us about?

LJ: We’ve just released our debut album it’s called Confetti you can get that on iTunes and Spotify and we are releasing two more singles this year. From now on we are just going to try to release a single every month and we love hearing from people. If you like our music and you want to say hi hit us up on the internet or email or Facebook so we can be in touch. We’ll put you n the Christmas card list!

So, Leonard and Laura have learned about Come Dine With Me, but hopefully they’ll take away much more from their trip around the UK. They mentioned that their debut album, Confetti, is out now and if you like what you heard at the festival, or from the track below, you can go ahead and download it.

There’s a lot to get excited about with this band and if you’re around for any of their dates be sure you go and check them out. We’re looking forward to hearing more from them in the future. As per usual, you can check things out on Facebook, Twitter and their website.


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