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Kelvin Jones – I love Subway


He is probably one of the loveliest guys you’ll meet. Not only was he fantastically happy to hold the interview straight after his set on the Nevada Acoustic Stage, but he also took the time out to pose for photos with people as soon as he came off. Kelvin Jones is an extremely talented musician and only started playing the guitar in the past few years. He combines pop music with blues and his biggest song is Call You Home, which became popular on Reddit and was featured on Good Morning America.

In a very cheerful mood Kelvin was very happy to try out the cards.

Kelvin Jones (KJ): (Looking at the cards) This is like a magic trick, this is amazing.

Musical Nourishment (MN): It’s the interview!

KJ: This is the best one ever, I think every single one should be like that.

MN: What’s the best gig you’ve ever played?

KJ: Ok, clearly this one, I mean, I can’t say anything else can I? That blew my mind. I’m at my first festival.

MN: Really?

KJ: Yeah, it was amazing there were loads of people.

MN: It’s going to be a special one then?

KJ: It is special, yeah. This one was the best

MN: I notice that you thanked everyone for being quiet, do they like usually cheer and talk?

KJ: No, no. It’s not like that. If you play a fast song they get loud and they don’t know to get quiet so you ask them and sometimes they talk but for a festival and for everyone to be that quiet it’s like insane I was like ‘no way.’ So no that was amazing, everyone was quiet that was cool.

MN: That’s excellent.

KJ: Yeah, what’s the next one?

MN: What would be your menu on Come Dine With Me? They’re not all to do with music in case you hadn’t guessed!

KJ: OK, I can’t cook so it would be like Subway. It would be Subway but I’d disguise it in some way, I’d take the ingredients and people would think this is amazing he can cook and I’d be like ‘no really sorry I can’t cook.’ Also I’m trying to get a Subway endorsement so I keep saying Subway all the time just because I love Subway, So headline this as Subway with my name underneath!

MN: Do you have any superstitions?

KJ: None I’m boring it’s really boring. I used to be a footballer and they all have superstitions, they have to wear the same socks and stuff it’s disgusting, haha, no I have no superstitions. I wish I could make one up. If I could make one up I’d say rub my left ear twice before going on stage

MN: Ok, that would be a good one.

KJ: That would be one to go with, why not, let’s start the rumours now!

MN: Including musicians past and present who would be in your ultimate band?

KJ: Don’t do that to me no no no no.

MN: Putting you on the spot.

KJ: Why would you put this in here?

MN: you chose it, you can’t blame me!

KJ: No, that’s going to be like a band of 50! And I wouldn’t be in the band, I would be watching it. Well I’ll have John Mayer in it. I’d have…who would I have Joss stone, Joss stone on the vocals I wouldn’t even be singing I wouldn’t even touch the mic I wouldn’t dare I’d just be standing playing the triangle is what I’d be doing. I’d have Stevie Ray Vaughan, and I’d have Bruno Mars as well. We have loads of singers, I don’t know any drummers names who’s the drummer in, what’s that band…Dave Grohl , he’s the only drummer I know EVER so that’s the drummer and that’s it and the bass player Flea because he’s the only bass player I know.

MN: What is your pet peeve?

KJ: This is a good one. Ok I hate glasses on anywhere other than your face, especially if you haven’t got any hair like if you’ve got glasses on your forehead. I’ve seen someone put their glasses like that (demonstrate hanging from ears and resting underneath his chin) yeah so no none of that. I don’t like wearing the same colour all the way throughout like wearing a uniform like that’s insane. So that’s probably my pet peeve. This interview is amazing by the way. This is amazing.


Obviously on a high from his first festival appearance Kelvin demonstrated exactly why he is so popular. He’s sincere in person and sincere about his music, which is always good to see. In the future there will plenty of opportunity to catch him, at the moment there are no dates for a next gig but you can always keep an eye on Facebook, Twitter or his official website. Or, you may be able to find him in his local Subway!



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