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Katy Haymer – I tend to like festivals more than anything else


Katy Haymer is a singer songwriter who comes from a musical family, but has taken a little detour from the operatic path her family had taken and traversed down the acoustic folk road. Her debut album, Echoes of the Heart, is due for release at the beginning of September. She took to the Casemates Showcase stage as well as the Strong Island Tent. It was just her and her guitar and she performed very well indeed.

Both of the stages were intimate ones, where she was able to see the faces of each individual in the audience. She handled that very well and when she came off the stage from her first performance she spared some time to answer our questions, whatever they may have been.

Musical Nourishment (MN): When did you first realise that music was what you wanted to do?

Katy Haymer (KH): When I was little, probably in my teenage years, because I was in choirs. I grew up in that sort of family because my mum’s background was in opera so I grew up with music, she was a singing teacher and I used to listen to it all the time and I think as a child when you grew up like that, when it’s already in the family, you want to do it. Not until my late thirties did I finish songs and get them complete.

It’s always been something I wanted to do but it wasn’t until years later though that I realised I could write/ compose my own songs and after a relationship breakup and my emotion I started completing songs I had written it’s always been a way of expressing myself and letting my feelings out. I can’t remember a specific time I just know when I am composing/writing on the guitar that’s when I am the happiest.

MN: What’s the best gig you’ve ever played?

KH: Well I’d say the Foodies Festival in Brighton, I loved that

MN: There’s a Foodies Festival?

KH: Yeah haha. Yeah it was fantastic everything’s there. Just because I like the festival atmosphere. I tend to like festivals more than anything else, because you get various people coming and families and people who otherwise wouldn’t see you at a lot of music and gigs.

MN: How does this compare?

KH: Oh I love this it’s fantastic. It’s got a really relaxed environment,

MN: Do you have a charity or cause that is close to your heart?

KH: Yeah actually it’s a charity called Get Kids Going! I helped a colleague of mine, Judith, the other year. Get Kids Going! is a Paralympic charity. David Weir, who won the gold medals, is involved. He set up his own thing and we did a charity single a song called Light the Flame. We went into the studios and recorded that to help raise a bit of money and sell DVDs and CDs for the Paralympians. I met some of them too they’re fantastic, they are amazing. Jane Emmerson is running it and Jenny, David’s coach, she’s so passionate.

MN: I love the way that Para sport is just so out there now

KM: I know it’s just so good for the kids to see that sort of thing. For children to understand other disabilities at a young age. It just makes them aware of it and drives them into different careers as well.

MN: Yeah it’s brilliant. What would be your menu if you were on Come Dine With Me?

KH: Haha what a random question, something I’m really struggling with, nothing to do with music at all! It would have to be anything to do with prawns. Like some kind of prawn cocktail for starters. What do I tend to have? Sea Bass is another thing that I quite like. I tend to eat mostly fish and vegetables because I don’t eat meat any more, I’m being good like that AND juicing is a big thing so I’d have to say some juices would be a bit original.

MN: What’s on your rider?

KH: The thing that I’d have to have has to be my guitar. It comes everywhere with me, it’s the only thing that I would ever miss in the world because it’s where you create and where you write.

MN: So even if you were doing stadium tours your guitar would be with you?

KH: It would be with me. When you are writing you can’t do without your guitar

MN: so is there anything else you want to let us know about?

KH: I just want to say it’s amazing, Victorious, this festival is growing and I like the fact that now we’re seeing us musicians playing live and people are not buying albums and as many things but they are coming to festivals and spending days out which is better in a way because its bringing people together. So these events bring people together. People meet random strangers and they strike up conversations.

Here’s hoping Katy will be at Victorious next year! With her debut album coming out next month there’s plenty to get excited about, not to mention the amazing charity that she’s a part of. There is one thing for certain though, Katy really loves what she’s doing and that is always going to come through in her music. For more updates you can always go to her Facebook, Twitter and website.


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