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Winters Hill – Travis Barker is the best drummer alive

winters hill

Winters Hill is a three-piece acoustic outfit that performed on the Real Ale Stage. It’s a long way on from their first live performance on Voice FM, where they first started carving a name for themselves as an alternative folk band. The Fareham based trio have created a combination of their various influences and produced a unique sound that has sent their popularity soaring.

They had enough time to spare during their busy day to step aside and try out our question cards. So, we spoke to guitarist and vocalist Max Hoar and Nimrod Taabu who plays the cajon drum.

Musical Nourishment: If you curated your own festival who would headline?

Max Hoar (MH): I’d say Bruce Springsteen personally.

Nimrod Taabu (NT): Bruce Springsteen would be good, definitely.

MN: So you wouldn’t headline yourselves?

MH: It wouldn’t be cool if you was to curate to headline yourselves would it

MN: Well there’s nothing wrong with that! Including musicians past and present who would be in your ultimate band?

NT: Jimi Hendrix definitely the best guitarist EVER.

MH: I’d say Elvis Presley, or Frank Sinatra

NT: You’ve got to love a bit of Frankie and who’s that dude, the Blink 182 dude?

MH: Travis Barker?

NT: Travis Barker is the best drummer alive.

MN: Really?

NT: Yes definitely.

MN: Best gig you’ve ever played?

NT: We got to play the Isle Of Wight festival this year. We’ve done five gigs over there.

MN: That must have been amazing, the atmosphere must have been amazing when you played it.

NT: Yeah, I think so.

MN: (To MH) What about yourself the same, Isle Of Wight?

MH: Victorious last year

MN: Where about did you play?

MH: We played the same stage, the Real Ale stage, so definitely Victorious.

MN: We were at the stage quite a lot last year watching Hometown Show

MH: Oh We know Caz Batten from there.

MN: Do you have any superstitions?

NT: Yes I need to sing before I get on stage I’m a drummer but I need to sing

MN: Haha (to MH) What about yourself?

MH: Do I? Not any out of the ordinary, I wouldn’t say, I don’t walk under ladders and don’t break mirrors

MN: So you don’t salute magpies or anything?

NT: I say hello to magpies all the time. I found out the other day you have to say Hello Mrs Magpie I didn’t realise until the other day.

MN: So have you guys got anything coming up shortly that you want to tell us about?

MH: Gigwise I think this is the last big one of the year I think other than that it’s just going to be gigging around nothing in particular coming up.

MN: Any singles or EPs coming out?

NT: Hopefully we are looking to record something before Christmas I think?

MH: We’re on Facebook and our songs are on SoundCloud you can download them for free on there, look it up Winters Hill

NT:; Sound cloud; Spotify.


The were a lovely band to chat to and they’re obviously excited about the music they play. As they mentioned they played Isle of Wight Festival earlier in the year and just before coming to Victorious they went to Wickham Festival too. They’ve had an exciting last few months and now they’re focusing on gigging around with the hint of doing some more recording before Christmas.

Like they said, if you’re interested in their music you can listen for free on SoundCloud, and not to mention all updates with regards to what they’re doing will be on their Facebook and Twitter.

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