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The Underground Pilots – Underground music is where I am


Underground Pilots are a rock band from Portsmouth who got to take on one of the bigger stage at Victorious Festival. They took to the Seaside Stage and dealt a setlist of their heavy rock tracks. They filled it with a clash of guitar, drums and bass, infusing their influences into their own sound. They’ve said that it was their biggest show to date and since the set they have released a new single, Acheron, on their SoundCloud page. As well as this they will be playing at the Joiners in Southampton on 30 August.

We managed to catch up with Mike at bandstand after their set on the Seaside Stage on Sunday, he talks football, Ronnie Wood and his heroes.

Musical Nourishment (MN): So what would be your specialist subject on mastermind and why?

Mike (M): My specialist subject would be football.

MN: Any team in particular?

M: Leeds United, I’m a Leeds fan. There are a couple of the others that support someone else – but football in general I’d say. I think I’d be alright at that.

MN: Who’s the most famous person you’ve ever met?

M: That’s tough one this…Ronnie Wood.

MN: OK, where did you meet him?

M: About nine or ten years ago one of my old bands did a single for Mod Aid and Ronnie Wood, and Steve Cradock actually, were there as well.

MN: That must have been amazing.

M: Yeah it was a little bit. Star struck and all that.

MN: That’s easily done.

MN: Who is the person you would most like to meet?

M: The person I would like to meet the most would be….this is a really tough one this one.

MN: We can say alive or dead.

M: Oh alive or dead? Ok right, alive or dead … it would have to be, it would be any member of Pink Floyd.

MN: Ok Brilliant. Are they heroes of yours?

M: Yep, sort of, I grew up listening to them. My dad played a lot of Pink Floyd and Metallica and that generation and all that and Pink Floyd to me are still phenomenal. I’d probably say David Gilmour, you know, the singer.

MN: Yes. What is on your rider?

M: Well we got two free beer tokens

MN: Excellent.

M: Yeah, there we are (shows beer tokens) I’ve actually got four because I nicked the guitarist’s. He walked off so I took them. But to be fair, we don’t want a rider we’re not massive or anything like that.

MN: You’ve got to start thinking of the future.

M: That’s true, if we are on the main stage next year then we will probably start asking for a rider haha.

MN: What is your pet peeve?

M: Ahhh, how long you got?

MN: I’ve got ages… until about 5 o’clock.

M: (Laughing) the thing that annoys me the most are rubbish adverts like cheesy adverts. That annoys the hell out of me and there are a couple of others like if you want to make an advert make it funny rather than cheesy, that’s one of my pet hates. Another one could be, things like the X Factor, chart music obviously things like that annoy me. Underground music is where I am, that’s why we are the Underground Pilots obviously.

MN: What have you got coming up?

M: We’ve got a big tour starting on the 3 September and we’ve got an eight day tour with a band called Morass of Molasses, a band from Reading. We ‘re going around the country with them.

MN: Brilliant

M: And then we’ve got the Wedgewood rooms at the end of September for a big 15 year anniversary for one of the promoters. It’s their 15 year anniversary and I’m part of it as I’ve been on the scene with this band and my other bands. But the tour is the main thing. Oooh, and we’ve got a new single coming out on 25 August 2014 as well.

MN: Brilliant, is that going to be on your website?

M: Yeah and SoundCloud and all that.

Their new single, Acheron, has already been released on their SoundCloud and on their Facebook and Twitter accounts you can find out the dates for their tour. There’s plenty of opportunity to catch them live.

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