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Sound of the Sirens – We want to be back here next year


So far 2014 has been a great year for Sound of the Sirens. On the Saturday they not only appeared on the Nevada Acoustic Stage at Victorious Festival, but they had to rush away to get to the Purbeck Folk Festival on the same day. This year they’ve also won South West Music Best Acoustic Act, a testament to the music they create and the performance they put on. while we were at Victorious Festival we only managed to catch a couple of sets, theirs not being one of them unfortunately. But, we did hear them from a distance and what we did hear was amazing.

Sound of the Sirens are a group that you want to listen to again and again because the music they have is just highly addictive. We managed to find Hannah Wood and Abbe Martin behind the acoustic stage and they were, thankfully, more than happy to spare some time for an interview.

Musical Nourishment (MN): Best gig you’ve ever played?

Hannah Wood (HW): This one!

Abbe Martin (AM): Yeah I think it would be this one as well!

HW: Right now it’s this one.

AM: When we got here and saw the stage we were like ‘it’s brilliant,’ and it’s such a nice crowd. It was great when it was at the Dockyard but it’s brilliant here.

HW: We did a brilliant support as well for a band earlier this year, Brother and Bones. That was wicked. We’ve done loads of ones that we’ve been really tough with this year and they seem to be getting bigger.

AM: Yeah so, all of our gigs!

MN: What would be your menu on Come Dine With Me?

HW: So, my menu would be, for starters chicken curry.

AM: For starters?

HW: For mains a big fat pizza with cheese, obviously, some pepperoni and some chillies, with some garlic bread on the side. For dessert I’d probably have treacle and chocolate cake with custard and then I’d have some penny sweets for afterwards as well, and maybe some Haribo.

MN: Do you have anything?

AM: I am speechless. With that you’d definitely lose Come Dine With Me. You would win on entertainment though. I’d go for something like olives and feta for my starter, only because I could eat that right now, or something basily, because that always looks good when someone cooks that, and a roast dinner because that’s my favourite. For dessert probably something like apple pie with ice cream.

HW: Oh, I would come to that.

AM: (laughing) Yeah, well, you weren’t invited.

MN: You can have a Come Dine With Me competition between both of you. What would be you specialist subject on Mastermind?

AM: Oh my god, mine would probably be like movie stars or things to do with films. Whenever there’s a question like that on the radio I’m always like ‘I know the answer to that.’ Or something to do with Eastenders, because I’m sad and I’m probably one of the last people in the world to still watch it.

HW: Mine will be dog breeds. I don’t really know what Mastermind is to be fair though.

MN: Oh it’s just a quiz that has a specialist round and then general knowledge.

AM: Her specialist subject would be ‘what is Mastermind?’

MN: What do you think makes good music?

AM: Good interaction with the crowd.

HW: Good catchy choruses that people can sing along to, and lively songs, something that people can stomp along to. Something that’s got a good beat.

AM: And feeling the music, it can be a not so good song, but if the person singing it really means it and is passionate about it, then as an audience you all join in. Just be passionate about what you do.

HW: Good lyrics as well, something that means something to the audience and…just passion.

MN: Was there anything else you wanted to say about your music? Do you have anything coming up?

AM: We just released a new music video, which is on our YouTube channel for one of our songs called Stars. So see it, watch it, share it, show people. We want to be back here next year on that stage.

HW: Share away so that we can get millions of views and get there.

They practise what they preach, their songs have a good beat and their music is always something you can get yourself into. If you caught them at Victorious or Purbeck and want to see them again they do have a few more dates before the end of the year. Not to mention the video for Stars that they mentioned, which you can see below. So, fingers crossed we’ll see them at Victorious again, the best place to find out will be their accounts on Facebook, Twitter as well as their website.

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