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Sykes – starting rumours and singing songs

By Jennifer Moyes Photography

By Jennifer Moyes Photography

Sykes is a band who come from South London and spent the day in Portsmouth after their performances on the Castle and Nevada Acoustic stages. Last year they released an EP off of their own back, it’s called Out of Your Hands, and is soon to be followed by their next single Anybody Out There, which is set for release on 15 September. The three piece are an outfit entirely capable of producing addictive pop hooks imbued with haunting vocals.

We caught up with them on the Saturday by the Nevada Acoustic Stage and they took on the question cards amidst a lot of laughter and a generally triumphant mood.

Musical Nourishment (MN): Do you have any superstitions?

Sykes – Kristian (S-K): Well just before we play I really need to have clean pants on and if I know that I need fresh pants I need to make sure that I pack fresh pants.

Sykes Will and Julia: We didn’t know about that!

MN: What would be your specialist subject on mastermind?

S-W: I’ve got no idea. Well we are all quite good at packing cars so probably logistics. Logistics and motorway driving around.

MN: What about you guys?

S-K: Specialist subjected? Pants I suppose. Undergarments!

S-J: Ooh probably….I don’t know. I want a funny answer.

MN: What lyrics really speak to you?

S-K: I’m trying to think of one with pants in it. I like listening to, this is really soppy, that Ben Howard song Keep Your Head Up. It’s motivational.

MN: So it keeps you upbeat? : What about yourself?

S-W: I don’t know, the same.

MN: Ben Howard as well?

S-W: Ben Howard as well – I can’t think of any. What about you?

S-J probably a backstreet boys song like “everybody”

S-W: “Rock your body”

MN: Do you want to do another one each?

S-J: Yeah, we are not very good.

MN: What do you mean you’re very good?

All: (sings everybody)

MN: is this your new single?

S-W: Yeah, yeah haha!

MN: Tell me a secret

S-J: Kristian doesn’t wear pants! It’s all a massive lie.

S-K: It’s a cover up, it’s all a cover up.

MN: We were going to call that start a rumour and you have done! When did you realise that music was what you wanted to do, a serious one.

S-W & S-J: I haven’t realised yet.

S-W: I don’t know, probably just when I was going to gigs with my dad when I was really young and being like “this is amazing I’ve gotta get into this when I’m older”

MN: Don’t you like just walking round here today and everywhere you go there’s just music everywhere there something different wherever you go?

S-W: I know, yeah.

S- J: it’s amazing!

S-K: We love it we love it!

MN: What is the weirdest experience you’ve ever had on tour?

S-W: Well we had Miley Cyrus

S-K: Oh yeah yeah yeah, we had Miley Cyrus turn up to a gig

MN: That is weird.

S-K: It was very surreal we twerked all night.

All: Yeah that was good

MN: Anything you want to say?

S-W: We have a new single coming out in September.

S-J: And we’re doing an EP launch on 20 September.

MN: Excellent, where are you doing that?

S-J: At the Social

S-W & S-K: In London

MN: Brilliant – well good luck. Is this all going to be on your website?

All: Yeah!

2014 is definitely an exciting time for them, with Victorious now over and done with they can turn their attention back onto the release oft heir upcoming EP, and the launch show in London. If you want to keep an eye on any tours or shows they might have coming up then their Facebook, Twitter and official website are the best places to be. Don’t forget, you can also pre-order Anybody Out There on iTunes.


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