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Felt Tip – a reggae hippy place is a place you would never find me


Felt Tip is a London based band that hit the Seaside Stage with their post punk tune, playing to the people of Portsmouth on the sold out Saturday of Victorious Festival. They’re a four piece group that consist of James Tyler the vocalist, guitarist Anton Trampon, drummer Tom Rapanakis and bassist and backing vocalist Jade Spranklen.

We found them on a high after their performance by the bandstand once it was their turn to take on the cards.

Musical Nourishment (MN): What is the best gig you’ve ever played?

FT-Jade (FT-J): You know I’d say the EP launch at Madam Jojos. We had just finished the EP and released that digitally and we had a big launch party at Madam Jojos and loads of people came. It was great and a really good stage with red velvet curtains and it was really busy and good things came out of it and I think we all felt really elated.

MN: What do you think makes good music?

FT-J: That’s a hard one.

FT-Tom (FT-T): That is tough.

FT-James (FT-Ja): It’s something you can relate to.

FT-T: Yeah good shout actually. I don’t think it’s a particular thing I think it has too many variables. It has to be something you can relate to. My thinking is when you have an idea that you can grasp and understand and relate to.

MN: Do you have a charity or a cause that is close to your heart?

FT-Ja: None that are particularly close to my heart is the true answer.

MN: Have you ever played any charity gigs?

FT-Ja: I think we are going to play the Oxjam and endorse them. That’s a good one actually.

MN: Is there anything that is going on in the news at the moment that makes you want to support them. There’s so much going on in the world isn’t there?

FT-Ja: plenty.

MN: When you turn on the TV there is so much going on, it is all so serious all the time.

FT-Ja: It has been a bad week.

MN: Last one: What is your Pet Peeve? What thing gets on your nerves?

FT-A: Ahh something that pisses me off! There are loads of things, I just need to find one! Reggae songs or hippies or maybe a combination of both! So a reggae hippy place is a place you would never find me! And long boring songs as well! You know a song that just drags on forever and ever.

MN: So a really long reggae song with people dressed as hippies?

FT: Yeah yeah.

FT-A: That’s the thing with reggae songs they are all just one long song

FT-T: Shall we do one more for luck?

MN: Ok one for luck. What is the weirdest experience you’ve ever had on tour?

FT-T: Ok, let’s think about that.

MN: Or what you’re happy to tell me!

FT-T: Yeah we probably couldn’t divulge.

MN: Make something up!

FT-T: I’ll tell you actually, we haven’t toured yet but we are due to tour the UK with a band called Coves so we will let you know.

MN: Oh ok, brilliant. I’ll keep you to that! So have you got anything else you want to say? Obviously your tour is coming up, anything else?

FT: Yeah we are going to be putting up a new recording (of a cover we recorded) in the next few weeks.

MN: Is this going to be on your website?

FT: Yes so look out!

It was good to catch them after their show, and we’ll keep them to their promise for a weird experience once they’ve headed out on their tour. Like they’ve said, there’s a cover coming out for us to look forward to, but if you need something to tide you over then you can always head on over to their SoundCloud page. As always you can keep up with them via their Twitter and Facebook pages.

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