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Lewis Bennett – You never know when something’s going to fly your way

Lewis Bennett

Our next interview is with Lewis Bennett, he appeared on the small and intimate Casemates Showcase Stage armed with just his guitar. The Chichester based singer songwriter had been honing his talent for years and enjoys nothing more than performing to a live audience. At the moment he performs in an acoustic setting but hopes to expand in the future and start experimenting a bit more. If you caught him at the festival he’ll be appearing at the Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth.

Anyway, let’s see what questions he was put on the spot with.

Musical Nourishment (MN): What’s on your rider?

Lewis Bennett (LB): Well I’d have to say my iPod to start with. As a bit of a pre gig warm up. Vocal zones are always going to be on there, they’re always good for a sore throat and preparing yourself, again. That’ll keep me occupied straight through to the gig. I’ll have to have a pen, wouldn’t I, and a piece of paper in case…

MN: in case inspiration strikes?

LB: Yeah, exactly. You never know when something’s going to fly your way. Yeah, I’m quite simple really so that’ll do for that.

MN: Out of all the songs that aren’t your own, which do you wish you had written and why?

LB: There’s a B-side by the Manic Street Preachers called Sepia. They’re one of those bands where they’re so deep in their lyrics and their meanings and all their writing, a lot of the time you don’t know what they’re writing about and you can’t relate to it. But the song and the melodies are so good and it just does something to you and it’s a song I can just listen to again and again and never get bored. It’s just one of those. So yeah, Sepia by the Manic street Preachers.

MN: What is your pet peeve?

LB: Ignorance, maybe. Something to do with personality, so I would say ignorance.

MN: Have you got an example?

LB: People not being generally welcoming and generally friendly, I mean you get situations like this festival where people are open and really up for meeting new people and that sort of thing, so maybe people who are just up themselves.

MN: Do you have any superstitions?

LB: I sort of dip in and out of superstitions, like sometimes I’ll have one. I’ll always have to write the setlist with the same pen, that sort of thing. But then you know, that’ll die off after a while and then I’ll have another one where I’ll have to drink from the same bottle, use it on the stage and use the same things. But there’s never one that I continuously have because you have good and bad gigs.

MN: Most famous person you’ve ever met?

LB: The most admired for me is probably Paul Weller. I met him at Chichester and we played a gig, I took photos and all that sort of thing. He’s just been there from day one for me. As soon as I was born I knew all the Weller songs from my family, my dad really. But yeah, he’s probably the main influence for me, him and David Bowie, but he’s the one I met. He’s always filtered through in my song writing and that sort of stuff. From watching interviews with him he’s a nice bloke and he says what he means.

MN: Is there anything else about your music that you would like to talk about at all?

LB: I might have an EP coming out soon. I’m in the process of putting a band together as well. At the moment it’s just acoustic but my music is band based music really so it needs that. I always play gigs around Chichester and Portsmouth and I’m always keeping at it really. If people like the music then keep following me.

You heard him! If you like his music keep on following, of course, you can do that through Facebook, Twitter and his website!

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