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Nathalie Gunn and the Musical Nourishment Question Cards


This is the first of many interviews that took place over the Victorious weekend. The festival in Portsmouth proved to be spectacularly popular and plenty of the artists were more than willing to take time out of their day to share a few words with us.

Suspecting that the festival would be busy we decided to go for quirky interviews, quick ones that allowed us to get to know the artists whilst, hopefully, having a bit of fun at the same time. As a result we decided to go armed with a stack of cards that had random questions written on them, some music related, some not. Our guinea pig for the Musical Nourishment Question Cards (catchy name I know) was Nathalie Gunn, hopefully she didn’t mind.

Nathalie is a singer who isn’t afraid of performing anywhere. When she played her set at Victorious she was at the picturesque Nevada Acoustic Stage, all set out with hay bales before it so anyone can sit down and enjoy. Alongside her appeared Marley Blandford and together they put on a great performance. Thankfully Nathalie had time afterwards to test out our new interview style.

Musical Nourishment (MN): Do you have a charity or a cause that is close to your heart?

Nathalie Gunn (NG):  The most fundraising I’ve done recently is for Pancreatic Cancer Action. My friend Kerry passed away at the age of 24 from Pancreatic cancer and I recently put on an event at the Wedgewood Rooms in her memory. It was misdiagnosed for years and years and unfortunately. She was so, so brave. Right now that’s the one I fundraise the most for.

MN: What would be you menu on Come Dine With Me?

NG: I was going to apply for it once and I was going to do a 1940s kind of thing because my friends are in the Three Belles. So I was going to get them to play and I was going to do a really vintage wartime menu. So cauliflower cheese, bread pudding probably and stuff like that.

MN: As long as it’s done well then it’s fine.

NG: Yeah, exactly.

MN: Out of all the songs that aren’t your own, which do you wish you had written and why?

NG: That’s a really good one.

MN: Just putting you on the spot slightly.

NG: I think definitely Carole King is one of my all time favourite songwriters. I think she’s wonderful. So probably the song that I sung, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow. It’s just the most beautiful song, I’m in envy of that one.

MN: What is it about the song that you like?

NG: It’s just so beautiful and the lyrics are so simple and actually the song isn’t that long it just repeats itself but it’s beautiful and everyone likes it. When I was singing it today everyone was singing along. Everyone has a connection to it. That’s the powerful thing about it I think, people relate to it in different ways.

MN: What is the weirdest experience you’ve ever had on tour?

NG: I need think about this one. I’ve gigged in some strange places. You just go where ever, so I’ve sung on boats, like little tiny boats. I’ve sung in basements. I’ve sung in people’s bedrooms. It’s all a bit strange.  I wouldn’t say weirdest but definitely my favourite is that I sing in Gosport on the Lightship. It was a boat that was used as a lighthouse. So singing on there when the water is a bit choppy is interesting.

MN: Person you would most like to meet?

NG: Probably Alanis Morissette, she’s probably my ultimate singer song writing idol. I think she’s amazing and absolutely beautiful. I think she’s incredible. So probably her. That or Katy Perry actually. Katy Perry is a guilty crush of mine; I shouldn’t but I do, because Katy Perry is ridiculously awesome as well.

S0, Nathalie Gunn was more than happy to give it a go and she had a good mix. With her powerful voice Nathalie is not afraid of taking on any song. If you’re wondering what she might be up to next you can always find out on her Facebook and Twitter pages.

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