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Max Stone – what makes good music is good intentions

Max Stone

Max Stone is a passionate singer songwriter who performed on the Castle Stage at Victorious. He was backed up with his band members and together they create soulful music that’s delivered with determination and a sense of urgency. All that disappeared though when we found him (or he found us) off the stage, he was pretty relaxed and happy for a chat.

Musical Nourishment (MN): Including musicians past and present, who would be in your ultimate band?

Max Stone (MS): I would probably say Ray Charles on keys, umm, Bootsy Collins on bass umm and Jimi Hendrix on guitar, and I would be singing.

MN: If someone wrote a biography about you what would it be called?

MS: A little bit more of nothing.

MN: Why’s that?

MS: I grew up in different places… it’s not that I feel like I don’t belong, it feels like home wherever I am. So that’s why.

MN: What is your pet peeve?

MS: I’m from the country, so I should be more patient, but I grow really impatient with people walking too slow in the city. It really annoys me, having to slow down because of other people. It gets annoying.

MN: Especially when you’re in a hurry and they’re just dawdling about.

MS: Yeah, unfortunately. So that’s at the top.

MN: What’s on your rider?

MS: Beer and nuts. I’m simple. I’m happy without it to be honest. Give me a stage to play and I’ll be happy.

MN: What do think makes good music?

MS: That’s a good question that. I think it’s pretty straight forward. What makes good music is good intentions. You need to believe in the music and you really need to love it. To be able to make good music you have to be able to appreciate the music. As a musician, as you grow, you become better and better as you evolve as a musician. You start to be better. It’s just about loving music, and good music is all about love.

It’s obvious that Max is passionate about music, and judging from discussion beforehand the Castle Stage was one of the biggest he had played on. It seems fair enough to say that he has ambition and wants go places, and with the determination he’s demonstrated it’s not far fetched to say that he will.  It was his first time at Victorious and it’s one he enjoyed ‘It’s a lovely kind of atmosphere here as it’s right by the sea,” he said. “Coming out on the stage and it  feels like people are here to listen to music. People are already sat down with their kids and just listening.”

For now he’s still working hard at his craft and always evolving his sound; “for the past six months we’ve been trying out music and sending it to the labels and getting feedback so now we’re just kind of pinpointing what the style is and getting that done. So from here on it’s going to be a journey, so if anyone who is interested to see where we take it just follow us on Max Stone Official.”

If you want to keep track of what he’s doing and where he’s going you can always check his website as well as his Twitter and Facebook pages.


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