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Victorious Festival Preview: The Courtiers


Only coming together last year to create another channel of local folk music, The Courtiers will be another local band jumping onto one of the stages for the hometown festival.

The keep to the traditional folk music sound, able to convert any song to their folky ways. Their music makes for an enjoyable listen and it certainly seems they’re in high demand. As well as being lined for an appearance on the Real Ale Festival Stage on 23 August, they’re also in the midst of the Wickham Festival. They performed there yesterday, 14 August and are due back today to get more people enjoying their music.

They have a brilliant collection of instruments including foot percussion, a fiddle, a bouzouki and something called a guitar. Together it creates a wonderful traditional folk sound that is missing in music nowadays.

They’re a talented group who have gone with a less obvious style of music. Instead of joining the legions of rock bands or joining the nu-folk movement they’ve kept it simple. It’s nice to listen to music that is so obviously influenced by what has come before it.

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