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Victorious Festival Preview: Sound of the Sirens


It’s less than two weeks until Victorious Festival so it’s time to start introducing you to more of the artists that will be appearing there.

Next up is Sound of the Sirens, a fantastic female folk duo who will be appearing on the Nevada Acoustic Stage on 23 August with their haunting harmonies and brilliantly addictive songs. In each song they sing Sound of the Sirens bring energy and passion, inducing a pandemic of head-bobbing, foot-stomping, I-wish-I-knew-the-words-already frantic movement.

Abbe Martin and Hannah Wood make up the duo and they work well together in their music and on the stage. They have two recordings to their name; their album A Long Way Down and their EP Under the Stars.

With all of this material under their belt and six years worth of experience to draw upon Sound of the Sirens are making strides in the folk/rock genre. Not only are they appearing at Victorious Festival on 23 August, but they will also be rushing to perform at Purbeck Folk Festival later that same day.

In fact, the duo have a lot planned for the rest of the year and if you have the opportunity they are a band you need to check out. After six years of hard work it’s difficult to believe that they won’t get the attention they deserve. Their set promises to be an exciting one.


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