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Victorious Festival Preview: Slowclub


Slowclub are a duo that is already enjoying a certain amount of success and attention. As well as getting a healthy dose of media coverage from established music publications like the NME as well as the music arms of papers such The Independent and The Guardian, they also have celebrity interest resulting in a guest appearance from Daniel Radcliffe for the video of Beginners back in 2012.

But this month you can see them headlining the Nevada Music Acoustic Stage on 24 August at Victorious Festival. You will be able to witness their excellent vocal display and energetic music composition first hand. There is so much going in each of their songs that it’s hard to believe there’s only two of them; Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor. They both share the vocal and guitar duties but Charles also takes to the piano while Rebecca goes for the drums.

As if this wasn’t enough proof of their talents then listen to the lyrics they belt out. Their song writing prowess is on full show here and it’s extremely impressive. Their ability to flit between each discipline as well as their willingness to share duties makes them extremely hard to categorise, which immediately hints at their uniqueness.

Complete Surrender is their third studio album and it comes at an exciting time for the duo. They have the music press behind their unique outfit and they have the talent to back up the hype that is shadowing them. The best thing is, because of the talent they have and the material they’ve produces, they don’t need the attention of celebrities to lift them places. They can get there on their own merit, the attention is just a nice bonus.


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